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Data acquisition (DAQ) systems are widely used in process monitoring, data collection, design validation and design verification for industrial instrumentation. In manufacturing facilities a DAQ system performs functional level, system level, pass/fail quality level testing and defective product analyses.

TI reference designs demonstrate how to mitigate signal chain challenges in DAQ system designs. They help designers identify key specifications, select suitable parts for specific applications and talk about how to leverage features of TI devices to get optimal design performance. They also illustrate how to overcome performance limiting challenges typical of isolated data acquisition system design.

TI's data converters are best suited for today’s high resolution and high speed DAQ system demands. TI’s programmable oscillator which provides ultra-low jitter with complete user programmable output frequency is an ideal choice to clock the high speed data converters in DAQ system. Ultra-low power and low noise amplifiers can be used to optimize front end analog design. For isolated DAQ systems, TI’s high speed digital isolators which support 8000 V peak isolation voltage with data rate up to 100Mbps.

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