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Photovoltaic (PV) installations tied to the grid are usually built with arrays of modules connected in series to string inverters. For large arrays installations with a capacity greater than 10 kW, a Solar Central Inverter performs the conversion of the PV cells’ variable DC power to AC power. Multiple string inputs are combined at the DC input of the central inverter. After the DC combination, each combined input proceeds through voltage and current sensing subsystems, individual DC/DC converters, and individual DC/AC converters. The AC outputs are combined before being tied to the grid. Consequently, two advantages of the central inverter are more efficient power conversion and low capital price per watt


With the rapid worldwide market growth in solar energy, innovation continues to drive inverter design. Modern inverters need to have proven reliability across various grid types, while increasing conversion efficiency and integrating new safety and control features. TI reference designs enable designers to evaluate every part of the inverter system to ensure they are choosing the optimal technologies to meet their customer demands. From the gate driver to push higher voltage MOSFETs and IGBTs as efficiently as possible, to the digital power control loops for more robust AC generation, down to the analog signal chain for accurate sensing, our inverter reference designs provide the components required to evaluate the full system. TI also provides designs and software for more emerging features before they are common place in the market, including integrated DC arc fault detection and advanced grid communication connectivity


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