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To meet the growing demand for advanced multimedia features in the growing smartphone market, TI offers a wide range of innovative analog products.


Power Management: TI offers power management solutions targeting a wide range of multimedia processors, from feature phone to smartphone. Dedicated step-down DC/DC converters like the TPS62K family provide highest efficiency in mobile applications. The new TPS82K family of micro-modules with integrated passives are ideal for extreme space-limited smartphones. The TPS61K provides high-efficient boost solutions, e.g. 5V for HDMI, USB and Audio. The TPS63K family of buck-boost offers best-in-class 96% efficiency over a wide battery voltage range with input voltage down to 1.8 volts to extend battery life and provide support for emerging Li-ion battery technology.

The TPS65K family of Power Management Units (PMUs), also called PMICs, offers complete power solutions for ARM® Cortex and Intel based processors. PMUs integrate several multiphase DC/DC converters and LDOs for the processor core, I/O, memory and other voltages. Also available are integrated functions that support a battery charger, light-management for flash and WLED backlighting. TI’s SmartReflex™ technology and dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) can significantly extend battery lifetime by adjusting the output voltages to match the required performance.

TI’s battery management portfolio is truly unique. Requirements for wall-plug and USB-port charging can be addressed with the bq24K family. Latest switching chargers with NVDC charging are getting very popular in the market. TI’s wireless charging technologies provide a unique way customers’ to differentiate. Innovative gas gauge solutions are offered using "Impedance Track" to automatically learn/detect battery character and provide status data to the host via a simple interface, eliminating the need for learning cycles and look-up tables.

Display bias/ Backlighting/ Flash-Lighting: Latest-generation display drivers power LCD and OLED displays. A wide range of LCD backlighting solutions provide full flexibility in the number of LEDs in parallel and series to be driven. Camera flash capability is addressed by a dedicated family with small footprint in CSP or QFN packages.

Audio Considerations: Smartphones seek to enhance the user's audio experience with signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs) exceeding 100 dB and improved features such as multi-band equalizers, 3-D surround effects and echo/noise cancellation. Low power consumption is always a key consideration in all such designs. Full feature audio codecs in the TLV320AICxxxx family integrate mono- and stereo-AD/DA converters and headphone/speaker amplifiers. Class-D amplifiers continue to increase in popularity because of their high efficiency and small-footprint packages. In some devices, an integrated DSP supports dynamic range compression, multi-band equalization, noise/echo cancellation and custom filtering.

Haptics, interface, temperature sensors and sensor hubs: TI provide both Piezo and ERM/LRA haptics driver for a unique customer experience. Latest interface standards like MIPI-DSI to embedded Display-Port (eDP) are supported by our interface devices. What about critical temperature measurement in your device? In addition to traditional analog and digital, TI offers best-in-calls infrared temp-sensors. New cost-optimized sensor hub solution based on ultra-low power MSP430 microcontrollers provide a unique hub to bundle all data coming from the multiple sensors in today's tablets and smartphones.

Voltage translators, ESD protection, switches, multiplexers and Logic: TI is a leading provider of these devices. You will find for sure within our extensive portfolio the appropriate voltage translator, ESD & EMI protection, switch & logic you are looking for to finalize your design on time.

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