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Industrial Power Packs & Battery Packs


Our battery pack charger solutions provide customers ready-to-evaluate circuit boards to charge and protect the battery packs used in all critical power systems such as EV/HEV, telecom, server, and various industrial applications including standalone DC charging pile for electric vehicles, UPS and energy storage. Our charging solutions help customers design hardware to meet the stringent norms such as ENERGY STAR, California Energy Commission (CEC), DOE Standards and automotive guidelines and mitigate challenges like tight current and voltage regulation, high efficiency during multiple modes of operation, high power factor, low THD, and very low standby power when a battery is disconnected. Our innovative technology also provides algorithms for multiple batteries with flexibility to program V/I parameters for different charging stages.

Common design challenges addressed include:

  • High efficiency and low standby / no load power solutions to meet ENERGY STAR and DOE standards
  • Fast charging with high charge current to support high capacity battery packs and thermal regulation to optimize the charging current
  • Charge profile controllers to convert a constant voltage source to a multistage battery profiling source
  • Increased battery safety with precise monitoring of temperature, charging duration, battery over-voltage, short detections and junction temperatures for power devices
  • Addresses specialized functions such as system power path management and resistive cable drop compensation charging algorithms
  • Backup power solutions using a single stage bi-directional topology for integrated local energy storage units
  • Robust external communication interfaces compliant to EMC standards

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