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Intrusion control panel solutions for building security from Texas Instruments


An intrusion control panel is the central controller which monitors motion detectors, door and window sensors, door keypads and readers, and other security inputs and notifies a security alarm dispatch center. Intrusion control panels can be thought of as the security system’s brain.

TI products and sub-system reference designs for intrusion control panels address wired and wireless interfacing, AC line or backup battery power input, and user interface. TI Designs reference designs show design and power requirements for many communication protocols. These include RS-485, ethernet, Sub-1GHz, 2.4-GHz, and Wi-Fi communication.

TI Designs demonstrates alternative ways to implement keypads apart from traditional mechanical buttons. These methods include inductive and capacitive sensing. Capacitive button technology is also shown through the use of capacitive to digital converters or MSP430 FRAM MCUs. All these designs help reduce time to market.

Various methods for increased energy efficiency are also demonstrated in TI Designs. These methods include implementing proximity and ambient light sensors for smart lighting and backlight adjustment in relation to ambient light.

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