Logistics Robot Sensing Module

Logistics Robot Sensing Module


Logistics Robot Sensing Module is used as an overall term for different kinds of sensor inputs. Sensing Modules can process output signals from sensors that are needed for example to monitor the surrounding of a logistics robot, determine its own position or the position of an object that the robot is supposed to grab or as well to force shutdowns in critical situations.

Typical sensors or transmitters used in an logistics robotic system are displacement transmitter. For more details on Displacement Transmitter also look at:
Field Transmitter: Displacement Transmitter

To monitor the environment of the robot and detect the position of the robot itself or an object around it typically a vision system is used. This refers to the more generic term Machine Vision. For more details on Machine Vision also look at:
Machine Vision: Camera Machine Vision: Code Readers
Machine Vision: Lightning
Machine Vision: Vision Computer

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