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Camera solutions are at the core of machine vision in factory automation and logistics. Cameras can be used for a broad range of application including quality control and feature inspection, robot guidance and 3D volume measurements. Cameras can be stand-alone with digital input/output interfaces to a programmable logic controller (PLC) or a robot controller or with high-speed interfaces to allow further remote processing.

Texas Instruments offers solutions to help solve challenges when designing camera solutions for factory automation and logistics. For a faster camera time to market, TI Designs offer resources, such as schematics and design files that can be used as starting points for key subsystems like:

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PDF 189 KB 11 Feb 2016 4156
PDF 3.4 MB 06 Mar 2015 1754
PDF 5.57 MB 12 Aug 2014 5929
PDF 6.52 MB 05 May 2010 925

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PDF 963 KB 08 Apr 2016 2128

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PDF 515 KB 14 Mar 2013 291
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