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TI solutions and reference designs help solve design challenges of stepper drives such as optimum performance, efficiency, high integration, minimum board space and protection. The reference designs provide ready-to-use circuits which are tested for electrical, thermal and EMC immunity performances helping customers in quick evaluation of products and accelerating design cycle time.

TI solutions include gate drivers with various topologies and power FETs with low gate charge and low RDS(on) enabling flexible architectures for five-phase, three-phase and two-phase bipolar or unipolar stepper drives with high-efficiency and flexible voltage and current ratings. Our integrated stepper drivers provide flexible PWM interfaces to implement custom specific control algorithms with TI’s embedded microcontrollers, as well as step/direction interfaces with integrated micro-stepping indexer and accurate phase current control to meet various architecture requirements. TI analog and embedded solutions help solve challenges with accurate and EMC compliant current, voltage and position feedback sensing, as well as EMC compliant, isolated communication interfaces to help customers with time-to-market.

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