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A notebook PC is full-blown, genuine computer that can perform all computing tasks as a desktop computer does. The notebook PC is built with small factor ICs and to be more durable than the desktop PC.

Core Subsystems include:

  • CPU
    - perfroms all operations of the computer according to programmed instructions in the operating system software.
    - Monitor and control various Human Interface Devices (mice, keyboards, etc) and maximize power efficiency of the design through various operating modes.
  • Memory
    - ROM contains the BIOS. RAM stores the application software and data files.
  • Disk Drives
    - stores operating systems, application programs, and data files.
  • Input/Output Ports
    - sends and receives data through serial ports, parallel ports, USB ports, and PC cards.
  • Sound Card and Speaker
    - plays sounds from CDs and DVDs.
  • Display
    - displays information and video/graphic on the LCD panel.
  • Input Devices
    - include the mouse, the trackball, the trackpoint, the touchpad, and the keyboard.
  • Fax/Modem
    - sends and receives data through the phone line.
  • Network Interface
    - allows the PC to connect to the LAN.
  • Power Conversion
    - converts the input power from the AC adaptor to run various functional blocks.

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