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Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) captures electrical signals and displays 2D plots in time. Captured waveforms properties such as amplitude, frequency, rise/fall time, time interval can be measured and DSOs offers powerful analysis features that includes math functions like add, subtract, Fast Fourier transforms (FFT), distortion and power analysis.

TI reference designs showcase performance of high speed, high performance Giga sample ADCs critical to high performance DSOs. TI reference designs explain design constrains to be taken into account while interfacing with high speed digital interface (LVDS and JESD204B). Designing systems with high speed data convertors is challenging and TI reference designs provide detailed information about layout challenges and explain how to mitigate them to get optimal performance.

TI’s High speed analog to digital converters featuring 8-12 bits resolution with 500 Msps to 5 Gsps (internal and external interleaving) with large input bandwidth can be used for DSO applications. Configurable channels provide flexibility for the different variants of DSOs. TI’s variable gain amplifiers (DVGA) and fully differential gain amplifiers (FGA) enables wide bandwidth (BW) and provide low noise, high slew rate and superior THD performance while driving the full dynamic range of the ADC. JFET input amplifiers from TI provide high voltage and high slew rate with low input noise for the analog front end (AFE). TI’s wide range of clocking products with < 100fs additive jitter for clocking ADCs also support JESD with multiple outputs for clocking FPGA/ASIC and the digital processor. TI also offers low noise, high resolution (14-16 bit) DACs for offset/gain calibration and high efficiency DC-DC convertors in addition to a wide range of power management solutions.

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