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Texas Instruments reference designs demonstrate several benefits of people counting including cost savings from making informed building automation decisions, and increased occupancy comfort, and various methods of efficient people counting implementations. These methods include 3D time- of- flight (ToF), thermopile-based detector, video based implementation and Wi-Fi counting

  • For example, in the US the HVAC airflow is regulated by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and is tied to the number of potential people in the room. Consequently, if no sensors are present, the room must be ventilated during normal working hours according to the maximum number of people that could be in the room (maximum seating capacity), thereby wasting a lot of energy. An occupancy sensing system can exactly count the number of people and precisely regulate HVAC airflows depending on actual occupancy
  • Demand controlled ventilation relies on people counting, resulting in better air quality
  • Home monitoring and surveillance can monitor patients or public areas without invading privacy
  • smart elevator control that accounts for people counting sensor nodes will see increases in efficiency

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