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Since the majority of PV system installations today utilize long runs of high-voltage DC power, there have been concerns raised over safety issues relating to power arcs. This has led to the drafting of the UL 1699B standard that requires the use of arc detection in high-voltage (>80VDC) systems to increase personal safety, protect equipment and prevent catastrophic damage. The two main types of arcs in PV systems are Parallel Arcs and Serial Arcs. Parallel Arcs occur when the contacts between the positive and negative poles or between a live wire and the ground are shorted together. Serial Arcs occur when the contacts in the circuit are opened. The Solar Arc Protection system must:

  • Provide a visual indication that an arc fault has been detected and the system must be manually restarted to reset the error and resume operation
  • Contain a test circuit to verify the correct operation of the arc detection unit. If this test fails, the system is required to shut down

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