AC / DC Power Sources

IC solutions for AC / DC Power Sources


AC Power sources include programmable AC power sources, precision power supplies, frequency converters, and AC main line simulators. DC power sources have programmable wider voltage and current ranges with constant power capability.

TI Designs for AC/DC Power sources address various design challenges in analog signal chain and interfaces, like communication and user interface. They help in developing high performance power stage and control blocks, taking into account the efficiency and size of the end solution. TI Designs for AC/DC Power sources:

  • Demonstrate the power stage design methodologies with high performance controllers and drivers
  • Showcase digital control by using digital controllers and high performance analog signal chain that includedata convertersamplifers
  • Highlight the communication and user interface implementations by using capTIvate and cortex-M4 controllers
  • Emphasize the use of Power MOSFET and GAN Solutions in the power stages of the AC / DC power sources.
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