Process BUS (IEC61850)

Substation Automation - IEC61850 processbus


Process bus connects monitoring and controlling equipment (merging unit, circuit breaker, transformer monitor, disconnector, earthing switch etc.) to the bay level equipment (protection relay, bay controller, phasor measurement unit). By establishing a common interface, it allows multiple equipment to seamlessly transmit data amongst each other.

Merging unit reduces a protection relay to a CPU with an Ethernet card, without any I/O modules, as it contains the necessary electronics to digitize sensors per IEC61850-9-2. TI reference designs and ICs help:

  • Improve accuracy and minimize false trips in data acquisition for merging units
  • Showcase architectures for implementing isolated, non-isolated serial interface and I/O cards (RTD, transformer tap position, DC current loop sensors)
  • Ethernet, clocking and processors support sampled value synchronization (PPS, IEEE1588 or IRIG-B ) and transmission per IEC standards

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