Video Doorbell

Block diagram (SBD) for a Video Doorbell featuring TI’s High End Processors, Analog Audio Codecs, Power Management Devices.

Block Diagram

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Desktop PC AC/DC Adaptor

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Texas Instruments video doorbell end equipment solutions show how to incorporate different features into a video doorbell design. Video doorbells may be connected wired or wirelessly. With Wi-Fi connectivity, the building owner can view visitors from a connected mobile device anywhere with internet connection.

Whether the video doorbell design is battery operated or 24V AC line powered, TI designs demonstrate methods of increasing battery life and decreasing power consumption. TI designs also show innovative methods of keypad and display implementation, including inductive sensing solutions as a replacement for traditional mechanical buttons.

A video doorbell requires two audio codecs; one for the capture side and the other for the display. Many processors require external audio codecs for audio input/output. TI has a wide range of audio products that fill this need.

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