Wireless Communications Test Equipment

Block Diagram (SBD) for a tester of physical layer and lower layer functionality of different wireless communications technologies.


TI Designs for wireless communication test equipment (WCTE) address various design challenges in automated wireless device manufacturing, RF design & verification and performance compliance to corresponding technology standard. Reference designs help to:

  • Demonstrate the signal chain design methodology with high speed direct RF sampling data converters and amplifiers
  • Highlight the use of ultra-low jitter programmable clock generators for clocking the high speed data converters for single and multichannel WCTE applications
  • Show how various high performance amplifiers and variable gain amplifiers can be used to convert balanced input to differential output with adequate gain. Wideband RF amplifiers and ADC drivers are used to optimize the RF front end design.
  • Demonstrate low noise precise power management solutions well suited for sensitive RF applications.
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