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Sensor Controller Studio


ACTIVE 2.0.0  16-JAN-2018 


Sensor Controller Studio is used to write, test and debug code for the CC26xx/CC13xx Sensor Controller. The tool generates a Sensor Controller Interface driver, which is a set of C source files that are compiled into the System CPU (ARM Cortex-M3) application. These source files contain the Sensor Controller firmware image and allow the System CPU application to control and exchange data with the Sensor Controller.

The Sensor Controller is a small CPU core that is highly optimized for low power consumption and efficient peripheral operation. The Sensor Controller is located in the CC26xx/CC13xx auxiliary (AUX) power/clock domain, and can perform simple background tasks autonomously and independent of the System CPU and MCU domain power state. These tasks include:

  • Analog sensor polling, using the ADC or comparator
  • Digital sensor polling using bit-banged SPI, I2C or UART
  • Capacitive sensing, using the integrated current source, comparator and time-to-digital converter (TDC)

The Sensor Controller allows for sensor polling and other tasks to be specified as sequential algorithms The main advantages over static configuration of DMA and other peripherals are:

  • Flexibility
  • Dynamic reuse of hardware resources
  • Ability to perform simple data processing
  • Low power execution
  • An easy to debug system task

  • Contains ready to use examples for several common use-cases
  • Full toolchain with built-in compiler and assembler for programming in a C-like programming language
  • Provides rapid development by using the integrated sensor controller task testing and debugging functionality including visualization of sensor data and verification of algorithms
  • Generates code that is easy to integrate into the system CPU application
  • Software examples and code generation for System CPU application projects IAR and CCS

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