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Mainline Linux Support for TI Devices


What is Mainline Linux?

Mainline is the common software repository to which developers contribute code changes. Every Linux component including the boot loader, kernel and file system, has its own mainline where developers have access to the most recent patches and updates to keep their applications up-to-date. For more insight watch this video.

Why is TI supporting mainline Linux?

TI has long invested in Linux support and is a top contributor to the Linux kernel ( TI’s support of the mainline Linux kernel ensures the availability of a stable development environment to aid in the migration to a new kernel. Presence in mainline also ensures a smoother transition between kernel versions especially across devices and next generation product development. TI provides information on the supported kernels to help developers understand the feature sets of a certain kernel and ultimately aid in the migration between kernels. With software available in the mainline Linux kernel, developers need not worry about features disappearing or not being migrated from one kernel version to the next.

In addition, TI’s bug fixes are provided to the open source communities for the other components of a Linux system and are incorporated into their respective mainlines via code reviews with stringent acceptance criteria. TI’s work and investment in supporting these foundation layers allows developers to focus on their differentiating features knowing they are working with the most up-to-date Linux software available. 

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Why is TI’s support of mainline important to me?

Sitara SDK Stack Users of TI software will be able to take full advantage of support for the latest devices, features, and bug fixes in new releases of the Linux kernel. These improvements will be available at regular intervals so that over time developers will benefit from the incremental growth in stability, robustness and quality of mainline Linux.  Additionally, access to software that is supported by a community of developers ultimately results in a richer, more stable software platform. 



Linaro® Toolchain 

TI accelerates Linux development with support for the Linaro GCC-based toolchain. The Linaro toolchain is comprised of robust, commercial-grade tools which are optimized for Cortex-A processors. The toolchain is fully supported by TI and the entire Linaro community including Linaro staff engineers, member company developers and others in the open source community. Linaro tools and software are available in this latest release of the TI Sitara ARM Linux SDK.

Yocto Project™

TI is the only ARM silicon vendor whose Linux distribution has been accepted as Yocto Project Compatible. The Yocto Project is an open-source collaboration spearheaded by the Linux Foundation to simplify the framework for building embedded Linux software distributions.  This acceptance shows TI's commitment to streamline Linux development and our involvement in the Yocto Project and Community. 

TI’s EZ Linux SDK has OE-Core support via the Arago distribution, giving developers access to a layered structure that is merged with the Yocto Project. The Arago Project provides a verified, tested and supported subset of packages, built with a free and open tool chain. Additional resources on Yocto Project and TI’s Arago distribution are available at