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Partner directory

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Evaluating, prototyping and getting to production is a complex and challenging process that requires skills, knowledge and resources. We have a global ecosystem of partners with which you can collaborate and innovate, saving you time and resources. Our community of partners are experts in our technology, developing products and services to help you solve problems. Start with our partner directory to browse, filter and sort based on your specific needs, such as design service, location, product expertise or application.

Learn more about our global partners

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Vetted and approved experts

Access to industry experts from more than 130 companies to help you overcome development challenges


Global ecosystem

With partners all over the world, collaborate with local experts and get access to valuable resources and services needed for your design


Resource for any use case

No matter your application, our partners offer reference designs, design services, system modules, embedded software and more to help you accelerate development

Featured partner

Fully develop and test an EV BMS platform with Comemso

Designed in collaboration with TI, Comemso’s battery management system (BMS)  testing and development solution enables OEMs to prototype BMS faster and get to market sooner.






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Certain information and resources (including links to non-TI sites) may be provided by a member of TI’s partner network and is included here merely for your convenience. TI is not the provider of, and is not responsible for, the content of such information and resources, and you should evaluate them carefully for your intended uses and on your own behalf. The inclusion of such information and resources here does not imply endorsement of these companies by TI, and shall not be construed as a warranty or representation regarding the suitability of their products or services, either alone or in combination with any TI product or service.