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Featured partners

Featured partners who represent innovations in building new and inventive products or a commitment to developing products around and supporting our embedded processor devices.
Open-source hardware and software products proliferate great ideas and inspire innovative product designs

From its inception, the foundation has been singularly focused on providing education in and collaboration around the design and use of open-source software and hardware in embedded computing.

The community collaborates on the development of open-source physical computing solutions, which are the foundation of released products in nearly every industrial market segment.

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SMARC: the standard engineers know, OSM: the scalable, solder-down next generation

Standard form factors allow customers to build around a known feature set, create platforms and rapidly iterate designs into different end product types like gateways and control units.

See the world around your product with unmatched clarity and make decisions without a cloud connection

Machine vision, security cameras, people counting and robotics systems all have one thing in common: the need to perceive the world through electronics and make decisions. Through a combination of vision, radar and other sensor technologies — connected to a microcontroller or processor — our partners are enabling intelligence at the edge with our technology in exciting ways.

Learn about our EdgeAI technology

Hardware partners

These featured partners are focused on hardware products for making it easier to design around our devices requiring high-speed routing, complex power requirements or radio frequency (RF) compliance testing.
System on modules (SOMs) are used as a component in an electronic product that simplifies the design

The TQ-Group offers a range of SOMs across the Texas Intruments Arm-based processors portfolio, including the newly released AM67 and AM67A devices, to help you go to market faster.

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System on module Development kit
Plug and play analog ecosystems to complement your favorite processor

Thousands of sensors and actuators are enabled by three partner ecosystems to rapidly prototype without soldering, leveraging drivers and libraries to write functioning code in less time than ever before.

Make connected products using wireless modules and system on modules with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® on-board

Wireless connectivity and increasing processing power, along with security features, make even the simplest electronic device - like an electronic toothbrush - classify as an IoT product. Adding Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.4 to new IoT products and enabling secure over-the-air updates is becoming an increasingly urgent need for customers, and our partners are here to help bring these products to market.

Software partners

These featured partners are focused on software products that make it easier to develop software that runs on our embedded processing devices for meeting specific needs of an application, such as safety, security and user interface graphics.
Efficiently develop and confidently deploy software on our microcontrollers and processors

Green Hills Software’s safety and security-certified software products, technologies and expert services have enabled electronics manufacturers to efficiently develop and confidently deploy purpose-built embedded software that performs critical functions in vehicles, aircraft, medical devices, industrial applications, storage devices, mobile phones and more.

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Design adaptive, scalable graphical user interfaces that work with a single display or up to three displays

Designing, developing, and deploying a graphical user interface (GUI) for your smart HMI product starts with hardware and software that lets you get started quickly. When your UI application and computing needs exceed the CPU and GPU performance, testing a higher performance processor should be simple. With an LVDS panel and HDMI running out of box on 5 development kits across 3 processor families, you can focus on software development and UI design.

Qt AM6x UI demos
Accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, and development with mathematical computing software from Mathworks

MATLAB, the language of technical computing, is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization and numeric computation. Simulink is a graphical environment for simulation and model-based design for multidomain dynamic and embedded systems.

Development platforms

Hardware and software partner solutions that, when combined, effectively meet the needs of a specific application or market segment. A development platform is a toolkit to mix and match partner products to highlight your value by making the rest of the system easier to integrate.
Everything you need to build an AC or DC SECC with HMI

Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is the industry term used for an EV charging station, the equivalent of a petrol station for getting more fuel for an internal combustion engine vehicle. As more EVs hit the road, EVSE types typically split into two basic categories: AC charging for commuting and long charging sessions versus DC fast charging for long-distance trips with limited time for refueling. The supply equipment charge controller (SECC) shown here, based on the AM625 processor, can work for either type of deployment.

View EVSE development platform
Ready-to-deploy Arm-based HMI systems are gaining momentum due to their flexibility and Linux-based operating systems

System on modules (SOMs) simplify design for processors. Most SOM development kits ship with an LCD panel, and some of them are sold as an HMI panel that is ready to install out of the box. So why design your own GUI and write all of the code to deploy it in your system when CRANK software services has you covered? Add HMI to any industrial system with these SOM-based development kits and CRANK.

Build smarter robots and safer factories

Hardware and software partners who specialize building systems that are specifically focused on factory automation, motor control and robotics systems.
TRAQ-4VM from TechNexion is the quintessential box computer built for autonomous mobile robot applications

Building a robotics system is complicated. As an engineer, you have to process the sensor information to perceive the space around the robot, make decisions, and move the robot to complete its mission. The hardware and software integration of the CPU might start as an off-the-shelf kit while you master the nuances of making decisions with analytics and  controlling motors to get from point A to B while avoiding obstacles. When you are ready to go to production, the TRAQ-4VM is your fastest path.

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IBV and PHYTEC bring EtherCAT software to life

EtherCAT is an industrial Ethernet protocol commonly used in motor control and motor drive applications, sending data from a host processor to an application-specific MCU use for driving the motors. When the processor determines how the motors need to move to achieve the desired result, it sends the data to all the devices at the edge which need to work in unison. Networking and real-time control are critical to reliably and safely operate machinery in a modern factory, and developing hardware and software from scratch may not be feasible. That's why IBV and PHYTEC are here to help.






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