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Wireless Connectivity solutions with the SimpleLink MCU Platform

The wireless connectivity software development ecosystem provides both RTOS and bare metal (No-OS) software. These include software stacks that provide all the necessary software you need for easy application development.



Learn about the SimpleLink SDK

The SimpleLink SDK is designed for simplified development within one environment using industry standard APIs, TI Drivers, and TI RTOS to provide a robust foundation for application development

  • 100% application code compatibility across SimpleLink MCU portfolio   
  • TI Drivers offers standardized set of functional APIs for integrated peripherals   
  • Integrated TI-RTOS, a robust, intelligent kernel for complete, out-of-the-box development   
  • POSIX-compatible APIs offer flexible OS/kernels support   
  • Encryption-enabled security features   
  • IoT stacks and plugins to add functionality to your design
SimpleLink SDK whitepaper

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The SimpleLink SDK provides a cohesive and consistent experience by packaging essential software components and easy-to-use examples in one comprehensive package. Everything a customer needs to quickly and efficiently develop new applications using an Arm® Cortex®-M-based MCU from TI is included in the SDK, from the drivers and communication stacks to an OS kernel. The SDK is also well integrated into the development environment making advanced debug capabilities easily accessible.