Response to  COVID-19

TI's response to COVID-19

As the world responds to the immediate and longer-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Texas Instruments is focused on doing our part by supporting our employees and customers and caring for our communities. One of our long-standing ambitions is to be a company you’d be proud to be a part of, and one you’d be proud to have as a neighbor. With this as a guide, we are making thoughtful decisions on how we support all of those who work for and partner with TI. Together, we will get through this. 


Read more about TI’s response to COVID-19 and how we are:

Supporting our employees

To all TIers, thank you

As we continue to work through the challenges of COVID-19, our employees around the world continue to rally around any challenge and opportunity, including helping our customers succeed,  juggling their work priorities and schooling children, seeing and meeting needs in our communities and connecting with colleagues all over the world.  We are proud of our employees and just wanted to say thank you!  Watch this video to see our employees in action.

mom working from home

Extended benefits to support TIers and their families

The health and well-being of our employees continues to be our top priority. To support our employees personally and professionally during this pandemic, we are offering a number of benefits:

  • Four weeks additional paid time off, for employees who have personal situations related to COVID-19
  • Extended medical benefits for any TIer who has the COVID-19 virus or has been exposed
  • Online learning resources help parents who are juggling schooling and/or caring for children while working from home
  • Eight free counseling sessions to support the mental well-being of TIers
  • Online exercise classes and nutrition resources through a free interactive fitness app

Supporting employees who are working remotely  

Like many others around the world, our employees have embraced a new reality of a remote and virtual workplace. Learn how several TIers have taken a problem solving approach to manage working from home and personal demands.

Supporting our customers

Helping our customers in the fight against COVID-19 is personal for TIers

As our medical customers around the world are working to innovate and accelerate solutions to help fight COVID-19, TIers are meeting the challenge to supply their needs. “TI has helped us ramp up production and quickly get our solutions to the people who are helping on the front lines now, because the need is immediate,” said Bilal Muhsin, Chief Operating Officer of Masimo, a global medical technology company.

TI's essential workers help meet customers’ need for critical applications

Rodolfo, an operations leader at a TI manufacturing site in Clark, Philippines, needed critical employees on site to help deliver products to customers on time. Since public transportation was highly restricted, he offered rides to his employees to and from the factory. “There is great comfort when you know that employees are safe going to work,” he said. “Driving some of my employees is a small way to give that feeling of security. It takes me 30-50 minutes to get them from their houses, but I enjoy the time as I take the opportunity to mentor and support them during this pandemic.”

Caring for our communities

TIer writes software to help relief workers move smoothly through Manila

Jonah is among many TI employees around the world who volunteer their time to support COVID-19 relief efforts. He volunteered as a core developer and operations manager writing software that allows front-line relief workers to show contact-free digital passes and move smoothly through security checkpoints in Manila, Philippines.

“It’s possible to contribute in a very real and concrete way to help the front-liners risking their lives in this crisis, even when you’re stuck at home," said Jonah, an application developer in our company’s IT group.

employee virtual volunteering

Virtual volunteering: High school students shadow an engineer

Kelvin Le – the son of immigrant parents from Vietnam – understands the struggle of growing up in a low-income household. The systems engineer at our company launched a grass-roots, employee-driven Shadow-an-Engineer Program with members of our Vietnamese Initiative for high school students in North Texas who are experiencing education and economic disadvantages. “There is so much untapped potential in students, including those like me who didn’t have much guidance about career paths or even what my natural aptitudes were. I knew that I wanted to be a part of a solution that can unlock their potential and help them see what they can be,” said Kelvin.

Help where it’s needed most

Due to the pandemic, the demand for food and medical supplies is high, and our teams in EMEA have answered the call. To help, TIers in Israel donated vacation days and lunch meal vouchers to raise money for organizations managing relief efforts, including Magen David Adom, the national rescue organization responsible for emergency medical care. TI India employees raised money for Akshaya Patra, a nonprofit organization that distributes free meals, and TIers in Germany raised funds fund for the Federation of European Foodbanks COVID-19 emergency fund.

United Way coronavirus fund

Supporting the most immediate, critical needs in our communities

TI and the TI Foundation have granted more than $10M to COVID-19 relief efforts in communities where we operate around the world, including:

  • Funding to local United Way organizations, North Texas Food Bank, Second Harvest of Silicon Valley
  • Direct financial support and donations of medical supplies to response and recovery efforts in Germany, India, Israel, Mexico, Malaysia, the Philippines and to the China Youth Development Foundation in Hubei Province

Helping teachers deliver e-learning

Our Education Technology and University Marketing teams have made several online learning and teaching resources available to help students and teachers worldwide.