PCIM 2023

TI at PCIM 2023

Welcome to our PCIM 2023 experience on TI.com.

We are so excited to be back at PCIM to showcase the latest high-voltage products and technologies. If you are attending PCIM in person, check out the speaking sessions below and come by hall 7, booth 459 to view demos and see how we can help you unlock the power of high-voltage technology.

Watch demo videos and read through the content below to get a sneak peek at the technologies we'll be showcasing during the show.

Speaking sessions during PCIM

Join TI experts for sessions during PCIM on a variety of power design topics. Register for a conference ticket to get full access to the sessions during the show.

Session title (click the title to read more details)
Day and time (Central European Time)
Session type and number
Designing Advanced EV Traction Inverter Systems
John Geiger, Tom Hendrick, Robert Martinez, VC Kumar
Monday, May 8 from 13:30-17:00
Seminar 10
Advantages of Synchronous Bootstrap Methods Over Conventional Methods to Prevent Bootstrap Overcharge in GaN Drivers 
Alexander Mazany
Tuesday, May 9 from 15:05 - 17:00
Poster session - Gate Driver topic, #E04-8381
Wide Bandgap Design with GaN HEMT and Vertical GaN Abhi Muppiri Wednesday, May 10 at 13:05
Panel discussion located in hall 7, booth 480
800V SiC Traction Inverter Key Design Considerations for Improved Efficiency and Power Density 
Xun Gong
Wednesday, May 10 at 14:40
Oral presentation - power electronics for automotive track
The Resonant Characteristics Comparison between Primary-Side Resonant and Secondary-Side Resonant Active Clamp
Yang-Lin Chen, Fei Yang
Thursday, May 11 from 11:10-13:00
Poster presentation - Power Supplies topic, #F01-8451
An Active EMI Filter for Common-Mode EMI Mitigation in High-Power AC Systems 
Timothy Hegarty, Robert Blattner,
Ashish Kumar, Abdallah Obidat
Thursday, May 11 from 11:10-13:00
Poster presentation - EMC in Power Electronics topic, #F04-8528

Demo videos

Watch videos on the demos we are featuring at PCIM as well as online exclusive demo videos.

Read the latest content on high-voltage technology

Learn more about high-voltage technology and get a sneak-peek at the topics we will be featuring at PCIM.

Semiconductor innovations enable us to interact with electric vehicles, renewable energy sources and other high-voltage systems safely and reliably.

Gallium nitride (GaN) can help increase energy efficiency and reduce losses in an AC/DC power supply, which in turn helps lower the cost of ownership of the end application.

Gallium nitride (GaN) is replacing silicon in a growing list of applications that require greater power density and energy efficiency.

Learn about insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and silicon carbide (SiC) power switches, the advantages of SiC MOSFETs and the differences between Si MOSFET, IGBT and SiC power switches.

When Delta Electronics redesigned enterprise server power supply units to more efficiently and sustainably power data centers around the world, they chose TI’s GaN technology to help make it possible.

Performance improvements in power density, electromagnetic interference, isolation, quiescent current, and noise and precision are giving designers the capabilities to push power further.