Digital signal processors

Start development with our digital signal processors (DSPs)

Our design and development ecosystem is available to help simplify your design process.  Explore design options and find resources for digital signal processors (DSPs) to help make it easier for you to get to market.

Investigate & find the right device

Ready to find the right device for your application? We make it easy. Explore your device options and find the resources to start your development journey. Use our product search to start identify the right DSP solution for you.


We are committed to shortening your time-to-market with our comprehensive development ecosystem. You have access to hardware, software and system components to help you evaluate and determine which device best meets your needs as quickly as possible. Let’s get started.

Step 1 of evaluation: select your evaluation hardware

Our portfolio of DSP evaluation boards help you demo or provide proof of concept through the evaluation and validation phases of your design. Within our DSP portfolio, we have a selection of full-featured development and reference examples for a tailored system solution. 
Explore a selection of our more popular hardware resources.

General-purpose evaluation modules

C6748 evaluation module

The C6748 development kit enables fast and easy DSP software and hardware development using a scalable platform to ease the design of applications that require real-time signal processing and control.

C6657 evaluation module

The C6657 development kit is an easy-to-use, cost-efficient tool that enables fast and easy DSP software and hardware development, for the C6657, C6655 or C6654 family of DSPs. 

C6678 evaluation modules

The C6678 development kit is an easy-to-use, cost-efficient development tool that helps you quickly start designing with the C6678, C6674 or C6672 multicore DSP. 

System evaluation using reference designs

Our reference designs offer specific details about how you can better use the DSP algorithms and other processes to improve the output of your application. Find one that is right for your design.  

Reference designs for DSPs

Part number
Audio preprocessing system reference design for voice-based applications
Real-time synthetic aperture radar (SAR) algorithm on our C6678 DSP reference design

Step 2 of evaluation: download & set up software

When starting your evaluation, you have access to our robust software development environment which includes software development kits (SDKs), driver libraries and other resources. This software foundation helps you validate DSP performance to determine the best device for your needs.

Step 1: Download Code Composer Studio™ (CCS) IDE

Code Composer Studio™ IDE is an eclipse-based IDE providing you with a suite of tools to develop and debug embedded applications. This IDE includes an optimizing C/C++ compiler, source code editor, project build environment, debugger, profiler and many other features. 

Step 2: Explore RTOS support

Leverage a robust RTOS kernel including TCP/IP networking stack that is available in open source. You can use driver libraries with or without an RTOS kernel.  

Step 3: Select your processor SDK & explore libraries & benchmarks

Our processor SDKs provide components for the evaluation of your embedded system. Our SDKs provide easy setup and fast out-of-the-box access to robust software components, that are fully tested to work together, providing a firm foundation enabling you to focus on your application.


Simplify your development tasks, and accelerate your time-to-market with our proven hardware, software and tools. Everything you need to move forward with DSP production is at your fingertips. We are here to help you navigate the development process and accelerate your embedded system design. 


With your hardware selected, we provide you with tools to help refine your application. These debug and emulator tools are designed to help program memories and communicate with the DSP during development.

Debug tools for DSP solutions

Part number
XDS110 Preferred low-cost debugging probe for the XDS110.
XDS200 Midrange family of Joint Test Action Group debugging probes (emulators) for our processors.
XDS560 Preferred advanced debugging probe, with increased performance over the XDS200.

When you are ready to develop, you have flexibility in your design approach, whether selecting RTOS support or using libraries to enhance your design. Our comprehensive suite of programming and debug tools enable you to quickly create differentiated products. Get access to:

  • Free software development kits (SDKs) with libraries and codecs.
  • A single SDK for many DSPs for easy development and migration.
  • A highly optimized compiler for high performance with C code.
  • Multiple OS options and support for OpenCL and OpenMP.

To make development easier, we provide additional tools to help you get to market quickly.

Software for DSP solutions

Compiler Access C/C++ Compiler and assembly language tools to support development of DSP applications. The C/C++ Compiler and Assembly Language Tools are included in Code Composer Studio™ IDE. 
Trace tools Continue understanding system performance using our suite of trace tools, which allow you to conduct foundational analysis, and work with select third parties to deliver more extensive trace capabilities. 
Board support package (BSP) Configure platforms and interact with board-specific components on EVM platforms using bare metal code.
Chip Support Library (CSL) Contains low-level register-level definitions and basic functionality to configure cores and registers on the device.
Device drivers Builds on top of the CSL layer, with an interface to operate and control the peripherals on the device. 

Third-party network
To best meet your DSP design needs and accelerate your time-to-market, we work with a variety of third parties to help with everything from software development to hardware design and other production services. The table below represents a portion of our third-party partner network. A full list of third partner partners can be viewed in the link following the table. 

Third-party tools for DSP solutions

Third party partner
Tool or service type 
Hardware Software Services
Adaptive Digital Technologies Adaptive Digital Techologies is a developer of voice quality enhancement algorithms, and best-in-class acoustic echo cancellation software that work with TI DSPs.
Critical Link Critical Link develops embedded solutions, including system on modules (SOMs) and imaging platforms, for electronic applications.
Sensory Sensory is a technology development house that licenses embedded AI  and speech recognition software.
PathPartner PathPartner is a specialist in product engineering, providing concept-to-production services.
Mistral Mistral is a system engineering and product design company focused on the embedded domain.


As you finalize your design and prepare to bring it to market, we are committed to delivering the resources you need to ensure you get to market quickly and smoothly.  No matter your challenge, we are here to support you through your final development phase. 


When you select a device, you need confidence in product longevity and supply continuity.  We are committed to product longevity and have strategies and policies in place to uphold this commitment.


We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing and bringing to market high-quality integrated circuit products. We are committed to delivering the highest-quality ICs.  

Support & training

As you transition to production, your support needs change. We are available year-round to answer your production-related questions with online training and our TI E2E™ support forums.