TI store API suite

Create a checkout profile

Before placing an order through a TI API, a valid checkout profile with an eligible payment method must be created. Checkout profiles allow you to save shipping preferences such as addresses, payment options and order specifics. Checkout profiles can be used both for API and myTI orders. 

To get started, log in the myTI company account where you want to create a checkout profile. From your profile drop-down menu, click "myTI dashboard."  Start by selecting and entering an address if you don't already have one created. Complete the required fields and click save. Return to the myTI dashboard and select Tax IDs. On the Tax IDs page, select "add new" if you haven't already created one. Enter the required fields and click save.  

Return to the myTI dashboard, select "freight carriers," click "add new," complete the required fields and click save. If you are using an Apruve account you will need to create a payment method; all other payment types will be set up during the creation of the checkout profile. Return to the myTI dashboard and select "payment methods." Select "add new" and complete the required fields for your Apruve account. Click save.  

Once the previous steps have been completed, select "checkout profiles" from either the myTI dashboard or the profile dropdown. Select "add new.". You will be guided through the rest of the checkout profile creation process using the information from the previous steps. Click save. Return to the myTI dashboard, select "checkout profiles" and verify that the status of the checkout profile you just created is "complete" and the copy button in the ID column is now visible. Allow up to 15 minutes after your checkout profile has been saved for it to become available for use with your API order.

For more information, visit our checkout profile FAQs.