SWRS286 May   2021 WL1801 , WL1831


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The WiLink™ 8 WL18x1 is a highly integrated single-chip WLAN, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low Energy device that forms a complete stand-alone communication system.

The device is the 8th-generation connectivity combo chip from Texas Instruments. As such, the WL18x1 is based upon proven technology and complements the TI integrated devices for connectivity portfolio. This device is ideal for use in mobile devices, mobile computer and catalog embedded device applications due to its low current, small area and coexistence-friendly features. TI offers drivers for high-level operating systems such as Linux® and Android™. Additional drivers, such as WinCE and RTOS, which includes QNX, Nucleus, ThreadX, and FreeRTOS are supported through third parties.

Table 3-1 Device Information
Device WLAN 2.4-GHz SISO Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy