WiLink™8 single-band industrial Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver


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Processor External MPU Package (mm) 4.6x4.9 WSP, 0.4 Pitch, 130-pin Protocols Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, Combo (Wi-Fi + Bluetooth) Throughput (Max) (Mbps) 100 Security Networking security (WPA3) Features 802.11bgn, AP, STA, Wi-Fi direct mode, Mesh over Wi-Fi based on 802.11s, Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, COEX open-in-new Find other Wi-Fi products

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DSBGA (YFV) 130 23 mm² 4.694 x 4.988 open-in-new Find other Wi-Fi products


  • General
    • Packaged in wafer scale package (WSP) for small PCB footprint
    • Provides efficient direct connection to battery by employing several integrated switched mode power supplies (DC2DC)
    • Seamless integration with TI Sitara and other application processors
    • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
    • 105°C Extended temperature range is supported only in defined use-case profile
  • Wi-Fi
    • Baseband processor and RF Transceiver with support for IEEE 802.11b/g/n
    • Integrated 2.4G-Hz PA for complete WLAN solution
    • Medium access controller
      • Hardware-based encryption and decryption using 64-, 128-, and 256-bit WEP, TKIP, or AES keys
      • Support Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA, WPA2, WPA3)and IEEE 802.11i
    • IEEE Std 802.11d,e,h,i,k,r PICS Compliant
    • 802.11v support for high-precision timing and location approximation
    • Supports 4 bit SDIO host interface, including High Speed (H3) and V3 modes
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (WL1831 only)
    • Bluetooth 5.1 secure connection compliant and CSA2 support (Declaration ID: D032799)
    • Host controller interface (HCI) transport for Bluetooth over UART
    • Dedicated audio processor support for SBC encoding and A2DP
    • Dual-mode Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy
    • TI’s Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy certified stack
  • Key Benefits
    • Differentiated use cases by configuring WiLink 8 simultaneously in two roles (STA and AP) to connect directly with other Wi-Fi devices on different RF channels (Wi-Fi networks)
    • Different provisioning methods for in-home devices - connect to Wi-Fi in one step
    • Low Wi-Fi power consumption in connected idle (<800 µA)
    • Configurable wake-on-WLAN filters to only wake up the system
    • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth single antenna coexistence
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The WiLink™ 8 WL18x1 is a highly integrated single-chip WLAN, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low Energy device that forms a complete stand-alone communication system.

The device is the 8th-generation connectivity combo chip from Texas Instruments. As such, the WL18x1 is based upon proven technology and complements the TI integrated devices for connectivity portfolio. This device is ideal for use in mobile devices, mobile computer and catalog embedded device applications due to its low current, small area and coexistence-friendly features. TI offers drivers for high-level operating systems such as Linux and Android™. Additional drivers, such as WinCE and RTOS, which includes QNX, Nucleus, ThreadX, and FreeRTOS are supported through third parties.

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* Data sheet WL18x1 WiLink™ 8 Single-Band Combo Device Supporting Wi-Fi® , Bluetooth® , and Bluetooth® Low Energy datasheet May 14, 2021
Technical article Wireless M-Bus 101: Demystifying modes and regional application profiles Jul. 02, 2021
User guide WiLink8 Getting Started Guide (Rev. A) May 14, 2021
User guide Bluetopia Stack Build Guide for Linux Jan. 15, 2021
User guide WiLink8 R8.8 Linux Wi-Fi Driver Release Build User's Guide (Rev. A) Oct. 27, 2020
Application note CE Regulations for SRDs Operating in License-Free 2.4GHz/5GHz Bands-WiFi Devices Apr. 15, 2020
Technical article Bluetooth® Low Energy shifts gears for car access Jul. 15, 2019
Technical article An out-of-the-box Internet of Things: building a seamless and secure smart home network Jun. 12, 2018
Technical article Thread vs. Zigbee – what’s the difference? May 16, 2018
White paper Charging stations: Toward an EV support infrastructure May 09, 2017

Design & development

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Software development

Processor SDK for AM335x Sitara Processors - Linux and TI-RTOS support
PROCESSOR-SDK-AM335X Processor SDK (Software Development Kit) is a unified software platform for TI embedded processors providing easy setup and fast out-of-the-box access to benchmarks and demos.  All releases of Processor SDK are consistent across TI’s broad portfolio, allowing developers to seamlessly (...)

Linux features

  • Open Linux support
  • Linux kernel and Bootloaders
  • File system
  • Qt/Webkit application framework
  • 3D graphics support
  • Integrated WLAN and Bluetooth® support
  • GUI-based application launcher
  • Example applications, including:
    • ARM benchmarks: Dhrystone, Linpack, Whetstone
    • Webkit web browser
    • Soft Wifi access (...)
WiLink™ Wireless Tools for WL18XX modules
WILINK-BT_WIFI-WIRELESS_TOOLS This package includes the following applications:
  • WLAN Real-Time Tuning Tool (RTTT)
  • Bluetooth® Logger
  • WLAN gLogger
  • Link Quality Monitor (LQM)
  • HCITester Tool
    • BTSout
    • BTSTransform
    • ScriptPad

The applications provide all of the capabilities required to debug and monitor WiLink™ WLAN/Bluetooth/Bluetooth low (...)

WiLink™ Mesh Visualization Tool for WL18XX Modules
WILINK-WIFI_MESH_VISUALIZATION_TOOL — Wireless Mesh Explorer is a Microsoft® Windows® based software tool for exploring and displaying mesh networks based on the Texas Instruments WiLink8.0 chipset.
  • Network discovery capability over DHCP or MDNS
  • Mesh visualization capabilities and data on each one of the nodes
  • Path selection visualization
TI Bluetooth Linux Add-On for AM335x EVM, AM437x EVM and BeagleBone With WL18xx and CC256x
TI-BT-STACK-LINUX-ADDON This package contains the install package, pre-compiled object and source of the TI Bluetooth Stack and Platform Manager to easily upgrade the default LINUX EZSDK Binary on a AM437x EVM, AM335x EVM or BeagleBone. The software was built with Linaro GCC 4.7 and can be added to Linux SDKs that use (...)
  • Dual mode Classic Bluetooth (BR/EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Stack
  • >
  • Bluetooth Core Specification v4.0
  • Platform Manager framework to enable multiple client applications to use the stack
  • Integrated with TI Shared Transport driver (available from Linux 3.8)
  • Plug-in for GStreamer (Open Source Audio (...)
WiLink™ 8 Wi-Fi Driver for Linux OS

WiLink™ 8 NLCP package consists of build scripts to update WiLink™ 8 Linux driver, firmware binary, wpa supplicant, hostapd etc. For more details please refer to the release notes and user’s guide

Software block overview:

WL18xx Linux driver uses the open source components along with the interface (...)

  • Linux open-source Wi-Fi package.
  • TI NLCP releases are Wi-Fi Alliance pre-certified.
  • IEEE: 802.11 a,b,g,n, 2X2 MIMO @ 2.4 GHz and antenna diversity @ 5 GHz
  • Supported Modes: STA, AP, P2P, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Mesh
  • Up to 100 Mbps UDP throughput
  • Security: WPA3, WMM-PS, WMM-AC, WPA/2PSK, Ent,WPS,WPSv2
  • Low power (...)
Bluetooth service pack for WL18xx

The Bluetooth Service Pack is composed of the following four files:

  • BTS file (TIInit_11.8.32.bts)
  • ILI file (TIInit_11.8.32.ili)
  • XML (TIInit_11.8.32.xml)
  • Release Notes Document
  • License Agreement

Note the version in the file name is unique for combination of hardware and firmware, but is not updated per (...)

  • Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Sleep Enabled

Design tools & simulation

Third party wireless module search tool
3P-WIRELESS-MODULES The third party wireless module search tool helps developers to identify products that meet their end equipment specifications and procure production ready wireless modules. The third party module vendors included in the search tool are independent third party companies with expertise in designing (...)
  • Modules listed are based on TI wireless technology supporting Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, Zigbee®, Sub-1 GHz, Sigfox, 2.4 GHz, multi-band connectivity and more
  • Modules integrate clocks, SPI flash and passive components
  • Listings included for hardware customization, software integration and cloud services
  • Listings (...)

CAD/CAE symbols

Package Pins Download
DSBGA (YFV) 130 View options

Ordering & quality

Information included:
  • RoHS
  • Device marking
  • Lead finish/Ball material
  • MSL rating/Peak reflow
  • MTBF/FIT estimates
  • Material content
  • Qualification summary
  • Ongoing reliability monitoring

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