SLVUB50C June   2017  – March 2019 UCD90120A , UCD90124A , UCD90160 , UCD90160A , UCD90320 , UCD90320U , UCD9090 , UCD9090-Q1 , UCD9090A , UCD90910


  1.   UCD90xxx Sequencer Schematics Guidelines
    1. 1 Introduction
    2. 2 UCD Power Supply Review
      1. 2.1 UCD90240, UCD90320 and UCD90320U
      2. 2.2 Remaining UCD90xxx Devices
    3. 3 I/O Signals Review
      1. 3.1 Analog Monitor (MONx/AMONx) Pin Review
      2. 3.2 PMBUS Signals Review
      3. 3.3 GPIO Pins Review
      4. 3.4 Margin Pins Review
      5.      Trademarks
  2.   Revision History


The UCD90xxx family of digital power supply sequencers, also known as system health monitors are flexible and powerful enough to meet users sequencing, monitoring, margining and other needs. The entire family of devices are designed to have similar behaviors, with a different number of rails or some other minor features. Users only need to learn how to use the device once, and can then seamlessly switch to other devices within the family that best fit their future designs. This document is a quick guideline to help user to perform a schematics review to achieve the best performance. This document does not apply to the UCD9080 and UCD9081 device.