SLVZ025 March   2022 LP8764-Q1


  1. 1Usage Notes and Advisories Matrices
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    2. 1.2 Advisories Matrix
  2. 2Nomenclature, Package Symbolization, and Revision Identification
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  3. 3Silicon Revision 2.0 Usage Notes and Advisories
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Advisories Matrix

Table 1-1 Advisories Matrix
Serial Peripheral Interface SDO_SPI signal falling edge slew-rate is reduced X
Built-in Self Test Voltage monitor Analog-BIST may cause false over voltage and under voltage interrupts X
Serial Peripheral Interface SPI Frame Error is generated during device startup if CS_SPI-pin is low X
Built-in Self Test Under voltage and short circuit detection comparators are gated for a short period after Runtime BIST is completed X
State-machine LP_STANDBY-state quiescent current consumption is ~3 mA X
Error Signal Monitor Error Signal Monitoring (ESM) Fail Interrupt (ESM_MCU_FAIL_INT) operation in level mode operation X
Serial Peripheral Interface SPI Frame Error is not detected if SCK_SPI has additional rising edge at the end of communication and the number of clock falling edges is correct X
Register Map SOFT_REBOOT bit protection X
GPIOs EN_DRV(GPIO1) cannot drive high when VCCA and VIO voltages are different X
Built-in Self Test PGOOD signal can be errornously inactive during runtime BIST X