SPRT757 January   2023 TMS320F2800152-Q1 , TMS320F2800153-Q1 , TMS320F2800154-Q1 , TMS320F2800155 , TMS320F2800155-Q1 , TMS320F2800156-Q1 , TMS320F2800157 , TMS320F2800157-Q1


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  2.   Continuing Investment in C2000 Generation 3 MCU Portfolio
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  4.   The Scalable Device Platform
  5.   Intuitive Ecosystem to Speed Development

Key Features and Benefits

  • Real-Time Control Performance
    • 32-bit 120-MHz Lockstep C28x CPU core with FPU
    • 256 KB flash with 128 KB option and 36 KB SRAM
    • 4th generation ePWM enables advanced switching techniques for increased efficiency and power density
  • Scalability and compatibility
    • Wide range of package sizes, memory footprints, and temperature options (grade 0, grade 1)
    • Highly compatible portfolio through common packages with other C2000™ MCU families, including F28002x, F28003x
    • Starting $1 1ku prices
  • Functional safety-compliant and secure MCUs
    • Support up to ASIL B functional safety requirements
    • Lockstep enables smooth path to ASIL B application without software overhead
    • Support several on-chip safety enablers, including Memory Power On Self Test (MPOST)
    • Real-time JTAG lock and Secure boot
  • Variety of digital peripheral options
    • Wide range of communication interface, including CAN-FD, CAN, LIN, I2C, SPI, and UART
    • PMBUS for digital management of power supplies with power control and management components
  • Integrated analog peripherals
    • Two 12-bit ADCs, 3 MSPS with post-processing and threshold actions
    • Four Windowed Comparator Sub-system (three 8 bit, one 12 bit)

The TMS320F280015x MCU family are low-cost automotive MCUs targeting a broad range of real-time and general-purpose applications. This family adds to the scalable portfolio of C2000 automotive real-time MCUs. The feature set and cost structure combination make this family technically fit for HVAC, small motor, body, lighting, and low-end powertrain applications.


Key Applications

  • Automotive
    • PTC/Heater
    • HVAC compressor module
    • DC/AC Inverter
    • Engine fan, pumps
    • On-board charger
    • DC/DC converter
  • Industrial
    • Appliance, HVAC, AD Drives
    • Solar DC optimizer, UPS