SPRZ487A May   2022  – July 2022 AM623 , AM625


  1. 1Usage Notes and Advisories Matrices
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  2. 2Silicon Usage Notes and Advisories
    1. 2.1 Silicon Usage Notes
    2. 2.2 Silicon Advisories
      1.      i2049
      2.      i2062
      3.      i2097
      4.      i2103
      5.      i2134
      6.      i2189
      7.      i2196
      8.      i2232
      9.      i2244
      10.      i2310
      11.      i2311
      12.      i2327
      13.      i2328
      14.      i2279
      15.      i2307
      16.      i2320
      17.      i2329
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Usage Notes and Advisories Matrices

Table 1-1 lists all usage notes and the applicable silicon revision(s). Table 1-2 lists all advisories, modules affected, and the applicable silicon revision(s).

Table 1-1 Usage Notes Matrix
AM62x 1.0
Table 1-2 Advisories Matrix
AM62x 1.0
Boot i2307 — Boot: ROM does not properly select OSPI clocking modes based on BOOTMODE YES
Boot i2328 — Boot: USB MSC boots intermittently YES
DDR i2232 — DDR: Controller postpones more than allowed refreshes after frequency change YES
DDR i2244 — DDR: Valid stop value must be defined for write DQ VREF training YES
DMA i2320 — BCDMA, PKTDMA: Descriptors and TRs required to be returned unfragmented YES
DSS i2097 — DSS: Disabling a layer connected to Overlay may result in synclost during the next frame YES
ECC_AGGR i2049 — ECC_AGGR: Potential IP Clockstop/Reset Sequence Hang due to Pending ECC Aggregator Interrupts YES
Internal Diagnostic Modules i2103 — Incorrect Reporting of ECC_GRP, ECC_BIT and ECC_TYPE Information for Functional Safety Errors YES
Interrupt Aggregator i2196 — IA: Potential deadlock scenarios in IA YES
MCAN i2279 — MCAN: Specification Update for dedicated Tx Buffers and Tx Queues configured with same Message ID YES
MDIO i2329 — MDIO: MDIO interface corruption (CPSW and PRU-ICSS) YES
OSPI i2189 — OSPI: Controller PHY Tuning Algorithm YES
RAT i2062 — RAT: Error Interrupt Triggered Even When Error Logging Disable Is Set YES
RTC i2327 — RTC: Hardware wakeup event limitation YES
USART i2310 — USART: Erroneous clear/trigger of timeout interrupt YES
USART i2311 — USART Spurious DMA Interrupts YES
USB i2134 — USB: 2.0 Compliance Receive Sensitivity Test Limitation YES