SWRA574B October   2017  – February 2020 AWR1243 , AWR2243


  1.   AWR2243 Cascade
    1.     Trademarks
    2. 1 Cascaded AWR2243 System
    3. 2 Synchronization of AWR2243 Chips
      1. 2.1 20 GHz (FMCW) RF LO Sync
      2. 2.2 Digital Frame Sync
        1. 2.2.1 Frame (Burst) and Chirp Timing in AWR2243
        2. 2.2.2 Frame (Burst) and Chirp Timing in a Cascaded System
        3. 2.2.3 Inter Chip Imbalance of Digital Sync Timing
      3. 2.3 40 MHz (System) Reference Clock Synchronization
    4. 3 Connectivity
      1. 3.1 20 GHz LO Sync Pins Connectivity
      2. 3.2 DIG_SYNC Connectivity
      3. 3.3 40 MHz (System) Reference Clock Connectivity
    5. 4 20 GHz LO Sync Link Budget
    6. 5 Software Messaging
      1. 5.1 Configuration of Devices
      2. 5.2 Configuration of Frames
        1. 5.2.1 Similar Configuration Across AWR2243 Devices
        2. 5.2.2 Dissimilar Configuration Across AWR2243 Devices
      3. 5.3 Triggering of Frames
      4. 5.4 Example Usage
      5. 5.5 Other Usages
    7. 6 Advantages of AWR2243 Cascading System
    8. 7 References
  2.   Revision History

AWR2243 Cascade

This application report describes TI’s cascaded mmWave radar system. This solution is based on TI’s AWR2243 radar chip. Using the 20 GHz LO input and output paths, several of these chips are cascaded together and operated synchronously. Each AWR2243 chip supports up to four receive and three transmit antennas. Cascading multiple such chips allows the radar system to operate with more receive and transmit antennas, thereby improving target detection and resolution in comparison with a single AWR2243 radar chip based system. Cascading of two and four AWR2243 chips is illustrated in this application report. This cascaded radar solution is intended to support automotive applications such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Warning, Emergency Braking, and Semi and Fully Autonomous Driving. The system described in this document has been implemented for evaluation in the mmWave cascade imaging radar RF evaluation module (https://www.ti.com/tool/MMWCAS-RF-EVM).