SCLA044 April   2021 SN74HC00


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Table 1-1 Recommended Parts
Part Number Automotive Qualified Supported Card Types Features
Class A
5 V
Class B
3 V
Class C
1.8 V
TXS0104E Auto-bidirectional voltage translation for all channels
Supports all voltages and frequencies for SIM/UICC
Increased ESD protection on B ports
TXS4555 Complete SIM/UICC translator solution
Integrated LDO regulator
Increased ESD protection on card-side
TXS02326A Complete dual SIM/UICC translator and multiplexer solution
Dual integrated LDO regulators
I2C communication with baseband processor
Increased ESD protection on card-side

For more devices, browse through the online parametric tool where you can sort by desired voltage, channel numbers, and other features.