SLAT159 August   2021 TMUXHS4412


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1Introduction
  3. 2Test Setup and Procedure
    1. 2.1 Test Board Configuration
    2. 2.2 Test Setup
    3. 2.3 Test Procedure
  4. 3Test Report
  5. 4Summary

Test Report

3.1 Test Summary

TX presets: BRCM, J16 meets the PCI Express® 4.0 requirement.

ISI Eye openings:

  1. BRCM meets all preset requirements
  2. J16 is able to pass P06, P07, P08, and P09 only. Technically, at least one preset needs to pass to claim compatibility

Figure 3-1 through Figure 3-4 illustrate the test reports for preset and ISI eye opening test.

GUID-20210725-CA0I-NTL6-TV4C-LQ0PNX14K29G-low.pngFigure 3-1 Test Report of Presets - 1
GUID-20210725-CA0I-K69G-ZSTV-N1TC4J617RQ6-low.pngFigure 3-2 ISI Test Report
GUID-20210725-CA0I-CHZS-04CT-VJQVK7MWQTRW-low.pngFigure 3-3 Test Report of ISI Eye Diagram Test
GUID-20210725-CA0I-26CM-GPPQ-JVFQDDJ6HXHF-low.pngFigure 3-4 ISI Eye Diagram