SLAT159 August   2021 TMUXHS4412


  1.   Trademarks
  2. 1Introduction
  3. 2Test Setup and Procedure
    1. 2.1 Test Board Configuration
    2. 2.2 Test Setup
    3. 2.3 Test Procedure
  4. 3Test Report
  5. 4Summary

Test Procedure

The following steps show the test procedure:

  1. Configure the HSDC092 evaluation board as detailed in Table 2-1.
  2. Plug the EVM into a PCIe® 16 × server motherboard slot. Ensure the motherboard is powered dwn before installing the EVM or configured for hot-plug operation.
  3. Install a compatible PC Ie® endpoint card into one of the PCIe® connectors (J16) on the EVM based on configuration of the SEL pin.
  4. Power-up the motherboard.
  5. Run PCIe® CBB, AIC compatibility compliance test suite on the scope to check P0–P10 presets.
  6. Attach PCIe® SIG compliance board media (ISI board) and the output of this transmission line goes to the Tek scope.
  7. Checked Broadcom end point by itself only and ran CBB test.
  8. Attached the same end point into J16 and performed CBB test again.