SLVAEI9 February   2021 TPS541620 , TPSM5D1806 , TPSM82810 , TPSM82813 , TPSM82816 , TPSM82821 , TPSM82822 , TPSM82823


  1. 1Introduction
  2. 2Thermal Performance
  3. 3 Output Current Capability
  4. 4Conclusion


Modern communications equipment, personal electronics, and test and measurement equipment require highly-efficient, ultra-compact, and low-profile power solutions. Power modules with integrated passives provide customers with a smaller total solution size and ease the effort of power supply design.

However, modules suffer from extra heat generated by losses in the integrated inductor, and typically have a lower output current capability at high temperatures. Minimizing thermal resistance through good module package design is critical in enabling power modules to be as thermally effective at higher temperatures as their larger discrete counterparts.

The TPSM82822 is an example of a high thermal -performance step-down MicroSiP™ power module. It integrates the power inductor and supports output currents up to 2 A. The module is manufactured by first embedding the IC (integrated circuit) inside a PCB laminate substrate, and then mounting the inductor on top of the PCB laminate. Figure 1 shows the power module.

GUID-37630DC7-45D4-4712-8D20-B358843F0BA3-low.jpg Figure 1-1 TPSM82822 Power Module