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  1.   LM5143-Q1 4-phase Buck Regulator Design for Automotive ADAS Applications
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LM5143-Q1 4-phase Buck Regulator Design for Automotive ADAS Applications

With an input operating voltage as low as 3.5 V and up to 100 V as specified in Table 1, the LM5140-Q1, LM5141-Q1, LM5143-Q1, and LM5146-Q1 family of automotive synchronous buck controllers from TI provides flexibility, scalability, and optimized solution size for a range of applications. These controllers enable DC/DC solutions with high density, low EMI, and increased flexibility. All controllers are rated for a maximum operating junction temperature of 150°C and have AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualification.

Table 1. Automotive Synchronous Buck DC/DC Controller Family

LM5140-Q1 Dual 3.8 V to 65 V Peak current mode 5 V 180° phase shift N/A
LM5141-Q1 Single 3.8 V to 65 V Peak current mode 5 V N/A Yes
LM25141-Q1 Single 3.8 V to 42 V Peak current mode 5 V N/A Yes
LM5143-Q1 Dual 3.5 V to 65 V Peak current mode 5 V 90° phase shift Yes
LM5146-Q1 Single 5.5 V to 100 V Voltage mode 7.5 V 180° phase shift N/A

The LM5143-Q1 4-phase reference design is an automotive synchronous buck DC/DC regulator that employs synchronous rectification to achieve high conversion efficiency in a small footprint. It operates over a wide input voltage range of 8 V to 18 V, providing a regulated output of 5 V. The output voltage has better than 1% setpoint accuracy and is adjustable by installing appropriate feedback resistor values, letting you customize the output voltage from 1.8 V to 8 V as needed.

The module design uses the LM5143-Q1 65-V synchronous buck controller and has the following:

  • Wide input voltage (wide VIN) range
  • Wide duty cycle range
  • Peak current-mode PWM control loop
  • Integrated high-side and low-side MOSFET gate drivers
  • Cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection
  • Configurable hiccup-mode protection
  • Spread spectrum modulation features

The free-running switching frequency is 2.1 MHz and is synchronizable to a higher or lower frequency if required. A synchronization output signal (SYNCOUT) from the master controller is 90° phase-shifted relative to its internal clock and drives the DEMB/SYNCIN pin of the slave controller. VCC voltage rail UVLO protects the converter at low input voltage conditions, and EN pins for each phase support application specific power-up and power-down requirements.

The LM5143-Q1 is available in a 40-pin VQFN package with 6-mm × 6-mm footprint to enable DC/DC solutions with high density and low component count. See the LM5143-Q1 3.5-V to 65-V dual synchronous buck DC/DC controller data sheet for more information. Use the LM5143-Q1 with the WEBENCH® Power Designer to create a custom regulator design. You can download the LM5143-Q1 Quickstart Calculator to optimize component selection and examine predicted efficiency performance across line and load ranges.