SNVA925D January   2020  – June 2022 LM63610-Q1 , LM63615-Q1 , LM63625-Q1


  1. 1Overview
  2. 2Functional Safety Failure In Time (FIT) Rates
    1. 2.1 HTSSOP-16 Package
    2. 2.2 WSON-12 Package
  3. 3Failure Mode Distribution (FMD)
  4. 4Pin Failure Mode Analysis (Pin FMA)
    1. 4.1 PWP0016D (HTSSOP-16) Package
    2. 4.2 DRR0012E (WSON-12) Package
  5. 5Revision History


This document contains information for the LM636xx-Q1 (HTSSOP-16 and WSON-12 packages) to aid in a functional safety system design. Information provided are:

  • Functional Safety Failure In Time (FIT) rates of the semiconductor component estimated by the application of industry reliability standards
  • Component failure modes and their distribution (FMD) based on the primary function of the device
  • Pin failure mode analysis (Pin FMA)

Figure 1-1 shows the device functional block diagram for reference.

GUID-AF84A8EC-07E8-414D-BE4E-7CFE645B388C-low.gifFigure 1-1 Functional Block Diagram

The LM636xx-Q1 was developed using a quality-managed development process, but was not developed in accordance with the IEC 61508 or ISO 26262 standards.