SPRAD55 March   2023 TMS320F2800132 , TMS320F2800135 , TMS320F2800137 , TMS320F2800157 , TMS320F2800157-Q1 , TMS320F280021 , TMS320F280021-Q1 , TMS320F280023 , TMS320F280023-Q1 , TMS320F280023C , TMS320F280025 , TMS320F280025-Q1 , TMS320F280025C , TMS320F280025C-Q1 , TMS320F280033 , TMS320F280034 , TMS320F280037 , TMS320F280037C , TMS320F280037C-Q1 , TMS320F280038C-Q1 , TMS320F280039 , TMS320F280039C , TMS320F280039C-Q1


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Introduction
  4. 2Theory
  5. 3Hardware
  6. 4Software
  7. 5Results
  8. 6Summary
  9. 7References


C2000™ real-time microcontrollers offer analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that are widely used across numerous applications from controlling motor to reading sensors. There are times when a customer design demands a resolution higher than the ADC of the selected device. This application note describes how an oversampling method can be incorporated to increase ADC resolution past the currently available number of bits. This can help reduce the cost in building a system by utilizing lower resolution ADCs to oversample a signal and obtain a higher resolution result. Detailed instructions are provided and have been tested on the TMDSCNCD280039C device, using SysConfig for the device initialization.