C2000™ 32-bit MCU with 100-MHz, FPU, TMU, 128-kb flash, CLB



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CPU C28x Frequency (MHz) 100 Flash memory (KB) 128 RAM (KB) 24 ADC resolution 12-bit Total processing (MIPS) 100 Features FPU32, Configurable logic block UART 1 SCI, 2 LIN CAN (#) 1 Sigma-delta filter 0 PWM (Ch) 14 open-in-new Find other C2000 real-time microcontrollers

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LQFP (PM) 64 100 mm² 10 x 10 LQFP (PN) 80 196 mm² 14 x 14 LQFP (PT) 48 81 mm² 9 x 9 open-in-new Find other C2000 real-time microcontrollers


  • TMS320C28x 32-bit DSP core at 100 MHz
    • IEEE 754 Floating-Point Unit (FPU)
      • Support for Fast Integer Division (FINTDIV)
    • Trigonometric Math Unit (TMU)
      • Support for Nonlinear Proportional Integral Derivative (NLPID) control
    • CRC Engine and Instructions (VCRC)
    • Ten hardware breakpoints (with ERAD)
  • On-chip memory
    • 128KB (64KW) of flash (ECC-protected)
    • 24KB (12KW) of RAM (ECC or parity-protected)
    • Dual-zone security
  • Clock and system control
    • Two internal zero-pin 10-MHz oscillators
    • On-chip crystal oscillator or external clock input
    • Windowed watchdog timer module
    • Missing clock detection circuitry
    • Dual-clock Comparator (DCC)
  • Single 3.3-V supply
    • Internal VREG generation
    • Brownout reset (BOR) circuit
  • System peripherals
    • 6-channel Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller
    • 39 individually programmable multiplexed General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins
    • 16 digital inputs on analog pins
    • Enhanced Peripheral Interrupt Expansion (ePIE)
    • Multiple low-power mode (LPM) support
    • Embedded Real-time Analysis and Diagnostic (ERAD)
    • Unique Identification (UID) number
  • Communications peripherals
    • One Power-Management Bus (PMBus) interface
    • Two Inter-integrated Circuit (I2C) interfaces
    • One Controller Area Network (CAN) bus port
    • Two Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) ports
    • One UART-compatible Serial Communication Interface (SCI)
    • Two UART-compatible Local Interconnect Network (LIN) interfaces
    • Fast Serial Interface (FSI) with one transmitter and one receiver (up to 200Mbps)
  • Analog system
    • Two 3.45-MSPS, 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs)
      • Up to 16 external channels
      • Four integrated Post-Processing Blocks (PPB) per ADC
    • Four windowed comparators (CMPSS) with 12-bit reference Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs)
      • Digital glitch filters
  • Enhanced control peripherals
    • 14 ePWM channels with eight channels that have high-resolution capability (150-ps resolution)
      • Integrated dead-band support
      • Integrated hardware trip zones (TZs)
    • Three Enhanced Capture (eCAP) modules
      • High-resolution Capture (HRCAP) available on one of the three eCAP modules
    • Two Enhanced Quadrature Encoder Pulse (eQEP) modules with support for CW/CCW operation modes
  • Configurable Logic Block (CLB)
    • Augments existing peripheral capability
    • Supports position manager solutions
  • Host Interface Controller (HIC)
    • Access to internal memory from an external host
  • Background CRC (BGCRC)
    • One cycle CRC computation on 32 bits of data
  • Diagnostic features
    • Memory Power On Self Test (MPOST)
    • Hardware Built-in Self Test (HWBIST)
  • Package options:
    • 80-pin Low-profile Quad Flatpack (LQFP) [PN suffix]
    • 64-pin LQFP [PM suffix]
    • 48-pin LQFP [PT suffix]
  • Temperature options:
    • S: –40°C to 125°C junction
    • Q: –40°C to 125°C free-air (AEC Q100 qualification for automotive applications)
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The TMS320F28002x (F28002x) is a member of the C2000™ real-time microcontroller family of scalable, ultra-low latency devices designed for efficiency in power electronics, including but not limited to: high power density, high switching frequencies, and supporting the use of GaN and SiC technologies.

These include such applications as:

The real-time control subsystem is based on TI’s 32-bit C28x DSP core, which provides 100 MHz of signal-processing performance for floating- or fixed-point code running from either on-chip flash or SRAM. The C28x CPU is further boosted by the Trigonometric Math Unit (TMU) and VCRC (Cyclical Redundancy Check) extended instruction sets, speeding up common algorithms key to real-time control systems.

High-performance analog blocks are integrated on the F28002x real-time microcontroller (MCU) and are closely coupled with the processing and PWM units to provide optimal real-time signal chain performance. Fourteen PWM channels, all supporting frequency-independent resolution modes, enable control of various power stages from a 3-phase inverter to advanced multi-level power topologies.

The inclusion of the Configurable Logic Block (CLB) allows the user to add custom logic and potentially integrate FPGA-like functions into the C2000 real-time MCU.

Interfacing is supported through various industry-standard communication ports (such as SPI, SCI, I2C, PMBus, LIN, and CAN) and offers multiple pin-muxing options for optimal signal placement. The Fast Serial Interface (FSI) enables up to 200 Mbps of robust communications across an isolation boundary.

New to the C2000 platform is the Host Interface Controller (HIC), a high-throughput interface that allows an external host to access the resources of the TMS320F28002x directly.

Want to learn more about features that make C2000 MCUs the right choice for your real-time control system? Check out The Essential Guide for Developing With C2000™ Real-Time Microcontrollers and visit the C2000™ real-time control MCUs page.

Ready to get started? Check out the TMDSCNCD280025C evaluation board and download C2000Ware.

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Technical documentation

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* Data sheet TMS320F28002x Real-Time Microcontrollers datasheet (Rev. B) Dec. 24, 2020
* Errata TMS320F28002x Real-Time MCUs Silicon Errata (Rev. A) Oct. 03, 2020
* User guide TMS320F28002x Real-Time Microcontrollers Technical Reference Manual (Rev. A) Oct. 05, 2020
Application note Using the Fast Serial Interface (FSI) With Multiple Devices in an Application (Rev. D) Aug. 26, 2021
Application note Charge-Sharing Driving Circuits for C2000 ADCs (using PSPICE-FOR-TI) Aug. 13, 2021
Application note Methods for Mitigating ADC Memory Cross-Talk Jun. 30, 2021
Application note Achieve Delayed Protection for Three-Level Inverter With CLB Jun. 28, 2021
Application note Programming Examples for the DCAN Module (Rev. A) May 20, 2021
User guide Getting Started With C2000™ Real-Time Control Microcontrollers (MCUs) (Rev. B) May 12, 2021
Application note Leverage New Type ePWM Features for Multiple Phase Control May 11, 2021
Application note C2000™ DCSM Security Tool (Rev. A) May 10, 2021
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Application note Light load THD and Eff Opt of Digital Cntrl PFC Converter Int Valley Switch Cntr (Rev. A) Apr. 07, 2021
Functional safety information Safety Manual for TMS320F28002x User's Guide Apr. 06, 2021
White paper TI GaN FET와 C2000™ 실시간 MCU를 결합하여 전력 밀도가 높고 효율적인 전원 시스템 달성 Mar. 18, 2021
White paper 結合 TI GaN FETs 與 C2000™ 即時 MCU,實現功率密集與有效率的數位電源系統 Mar. 18, 2021
More literature Decentralized servo architecture webinar Mar. 01, 2021
Application note CRM/ZVS PFC Implementation Based on C2000 Type-4 PWM Module Feb. 18, 2021
White paper Achieve Power-Dense and Efficient Digital Power Systems by Combining TI GaN FETs Jan. 05, 2021
Technical article Get more from your GaN-based digital power designs with a C2000 real-time MCU Dec. 17, 2020
Application note Quick Response Control of PMSM Using Fast Current Loop (Rev. B) Dec. 07, 2020
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Application note C2000™ Unique Device Number (Rev. B) Sep. 17, 2020
Application note Sensorless-FOC for PMSM With Single DC-Link Shunt Aug. 10, 2020
Application note ADC Input Circuit Evaluation for C2000 MCUs Jul. 30, 2020
White paper Piccolo™ C2000™ MCUs enable the next generation of low-cost, dual-axis servo dri (Rev. A) Jul. 13, 2020
White paper Taking charge of electric vehicles – both in the vehicle and on the grid (Rev. A) Jun. 17, 2020
Application note How to Migrate Custom Logic From an FPGA/CPLD to C2000 Microcontrollers (Rev. A) Jun. 15, 2020
User guide SYS/BIOS (TI-RTOS Kernel) User's Guide (Rev. V) Jun. 01, 2020
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Application note Design Guide for Enabling Peripheral Expansion Applications Using the HIC Jan. 28, 2020
Application note TMS320F2802x/TMS320F2803x to TMS320F28002x Migration Overview Jan. 13, 2020
More literature C2000Ware Quickstart Guide (Rev. D) Dec. 20, 2019
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User guide TMS320C28x Extended Instruction Sets Technical Reference Manual (Rev. C) Oct. 29, 2019
Application note How to Maximize GPIO Usage in C2000 Devices Oct. 08, 2019
Application note Leveraging High Resolution Capture (HRCAP) for Single Wire Data Transfer Aug. 28, 2019
Application note Dual-Axis Motor Control Using FCL and SFRA On a Single C2000™ MCU Aug. 07, 2019
E-book InstaSPIN™ solutions for designing three-phase motor control applications Jul. 22, 2019
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White paper Optimized solutions for safe motion control applications Jun. 28, 2019
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Application note Calculating Useful Lifetimes of Embedded Processors (Rev. B) May 07, 2019
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User guide DesignDRIVE IDDK User Guide Apr. 10, 2019
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Application note MSL Ratings and Reflow Profiles (Rev. A) Dec. 13, 2018
Application note Fast Serial Interface (FSI) Skew Compensation Nov. 08, 2018
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White paper A faster current loop reduces the size of EV motors Jul. 27, 2018
White paper Breakthrough technologies lead the solar power industry into the future Jul. 27, 2018
White paper Exploring the evolution and optimization of wireless power transfer Jul. 27, 2018
White paper Functional Safety: A tunable FMEDA for C2000™ MCUs Jul. 27, 2018
More literature C2000™ Safety Mechanisms Jul. 17, 2018
White paper Maximizing power for Level 3 EV charging stations Jun. 12, 2018
White paper Achieving Coexistence of Safety Functions for EV/HEV Using C2000 MCUs May 21, 2018
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User guide Fast Current Loop (C28x) Library Mar. 06, 2018
Application note Performance Analysis of Fast Current Loop (FCL) in Servo Mar. 06, 2018
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User guide TMS320C28x DSP CPU and Instruction Set (Rev. F) Apr. 10, 2015
Application note Calculating FIT for a Mission Profile Mar. 24, 2015
Application note Running an Application from Internal Flash Memory on the TMS320F28xxx DSP (Rev. L) Feb. 28, 2013
Application note TMS320C28x FPU Primer (Rev. A) Jul. 20, 2009
Application note Using PWM Output as a Digital-to-Analog Converter on a TMS320F280x (Rev. A) Sep. 09, 2008

Design & development

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Hardware development

document-generic User guide

TMDSCNCD280025C is a low-cost evaluation and development board for TI C2000™ MCU series of F28002x devices. It comes with a HSEC180 (180-pin High Speed Edge Connector) and, as a controlCARD, is ideal for initial evaluation and prototyping. For evaluation of TMDSCNCD280025C, a 180-pin docking (...)


Hardware Features

  • Isolated on-board XDS100v2 USB-to-JTAG debug probe enables real-time in-system programming and debugging
  • Standard 180-pin controlCARD HSEC interface
  • Analog I/O, digital I/O and JTAG signals at card interface
  • Hardware Files are in C2000Ware at boards\controlCARDs\TMDSCNCD280025C

Software (...)

document-generic User guide

Faster, cheaper, more robust: achieve 200 Mbps throughput across isolation with new serial communication technology – Fast Serial Interface (FSI)

FSI is a low signal count serial communications peripheral, available on C2000 Real-Time Control Microcontrollers (MCU), which offers low-cost reliable (...)

Hardware features
    • TMDSFSIADAPEVM fast serial interface (FSI) adapter board evaluation module is compatible with various controlCARDs, LaunchPads, and other FSI enabled EVMs
    • Digital Isolation using ISO7763
    • LVDS and RS485 differential drivers, which enable FSI communications over long distances
document-generic User guide

TMDSHSECDOCK is a baseboard that provides header pin access to key signals on compatible HSEC180-based controlCARDs.  A breadboard area is available for rapid prototyping.  Board power can be provided by the provided USB cable or a 5V barrel supply.

  • Bread-board like baseboard with HSEC180 controlCARD female connector
    • Header pin access to key MCU signals
    • Breadboard area for customizable routing and prototyping
    • Board power can be provided by the provided USB cable or a 5V barrel supply
document-generic User guide

The Texas Instruments XDS110 is a new class of debug probe (emulator) for TI embedded processors. The XDS110 replaces the XDS100 family while supporting a wider variety of standards (IEEE1149.1, IEEE1149.7, SWD) in a single pod. Also, all XDS debug probes support Core and System Trace in all ARM and (...)


The XDS110 is the latest entry level debug probe (emulators) for TI embedded processors. Designed to be a complete solution that delivers JTAG and SWD connectivity at a low cost, the XDS110 is the debug probe of choice for entry-level debugging of TI microcontrollers, processors and SimpleLink (...)

XDS200 USB Debug Probe

The XDS200 is a debug probe (emulator) used for debugging TI embedded devices.  The XDS200 features a balance of low cost with good performance as compared to the low cost XDS110 and the high performance XDS560v2.  It supports a wide variety of standards (IEEE1149.1, IEEE1149.7, SWD) in a (...)


The XDS200 is the mid-range family of JTAG debug probes (emulators) for TI processors. Designed to deliver good performance and the most common features that place it between the low cost XDS110 and the high performance XDS560v2, the XDS200 is the balanced solution to debug TI microcontrollers (...)


The XDS560v2 is the highest performance of the XDS family of debug probes and supports both the traditional JTAG standard (IEEE1149.1) and cJTAG (IEEE1149.7).  Note that it does not support serial wire debug (SWD).

All XDS debug probes support Core and System Trace in all ARM and DSP processors that (...)


XDS560v2 is the latest variant of the XDS560 family of high-performance debug probes (emulators) for TI processors. With the fastest speeds and most features of the entire XDS family, XDS560v2 is the most comprehensive solution to debug TI microcontrollers, processors and wireless connectivity (...)


The XDS560v2 is the highest performance of the XDS family of debug probes and supports both the traditional JTAG standard (IEEE1149.1) and cJTAG (IEEE1149.7). Note that it does not support serial wire debug (SWD).

All XDS debug probes support Core and System Trace in all ARM and DSP processors that (...)


XDS560v2 is the latest variant of the XDS560 family of high-performance debug probes (emulators) for TI processors. With the fastest speeds and most features of the entire XDS family, XDS560v2 is the most comprehensive solution to debug TI microcontrollers, processors and wireless connectivity (...)

document-generic User guide

LAUNCHXL-F280025C is a low-cost development board for TI C2000™ real-time microcontrollers series of F28002x devices. Ideal for initial evaluation and prototyping, it provides a standardized and easy to use platform to develop your next application. This extended version LaunchPad&trade (...)


Hardware Features

  • TMS320F280025C: 100 MHz C28x CPU with FPU and TMU, CLB, 128 KB Flash, 2x 12-bit ADC, 14x PWM channels, CAN, 2x encoder modules (eQEP), FSI, UART, and more
  • On-board XDS110 debug probe for real-time debug and flash programming
  • 80-pin LaunchPad development kit leveraging the BoosterPack (...)
document-generic User guide

The DesignDRIVE Development Kit (IDDK) hardware offers an integrated servo drive design with full power stage to drive a high voltage three-phase motor and eases the evaluation of a range of position feedback, current sensing and control topologies.

The sensing peripherals on the C2000™ MCU (...)
  • Supports the DesignDRIVE fast current loop
  • Supports the DesignDRIVE position manager technology - EnDat22, BiSS-C, Tamagawa T-format, SIN/COS, resolver and incremental encoders
  • EtherCAT™ slave stack solution with TMDSCNCD28388D or TMDSECATCNCD379D controlCARD upgrade as well as expansion support (...)

Software development

C2000Ware for C2000 MCUs
C2000WARE C2000Ware is a cohesive set of software and documentation created to minimize development time. It includes device-specific drivers, libraries, and peripheral examples.
  • Hardware design schematics, BOM, gerber files, and documentation for C2000 controlCARDS, Experimenter Kits, and LaunchPads.
  • (...)
  • 1 package for all foundational development collateral, the place to go for getting started
  • TI Cloud support
  • Linux and Mac Installation Support
  • Easy deployment: Small download/installation size (significantly smaller than controlSUITE)
  • Same device support as controlSUITE plus more
DigitalPower software development kit (SDK) for C2000™ MCUs
    • DigitalPower SDK for C2000™ microcontrollers (MCU) is a cohesive set of software infrastructure, tools, and documentation designed to minimize C2000 MCU based digital power system development time targeted for various AC-DC, DC-DC and DC-AC power supply applications. The software includes (...)
      • Complete software repository for C2000 MCU Digital Power Applications: solar, telecom, server, electric vehicle chargers and industrial power delivery
      • powerSUITE: digital power supply software design tools
        • Solution Adapter: Customize code examples to run on example or custom hardware
        • Compensation (...)
MotorControl software development kit (SDK) for C2000™ MCUs
  • MotorControl SDK for C2000™ microcontrollers (MCU) is a cohesive set of software infrastructure, tools, and documentation designed to minimize C2000 MCU based motor control system development time targeted for various three-phase motor control applications. The software includes firmware that (...)
  • Complete software repository for C2000 MCU Motor Control Applications
  • InstaSPIN-FOC: Sensorless FOC solutions
    • Sensorless Torque or Velocity Field Oriented Control
    • FAST™ software observer for premium rotor Flux, Angle, Speed, and Torque estimations
    • Motor Parameter Identification
    • Observer and torque (...)
C2000 code generation tools - compiler
C2000-CGT — The TI C2000 C/C++ Compiler and Assembly Language Tools support development of applications for TI C2000 Microcontroller platforms, including the Concerto (F28M3xx), Piccolo (280xx), Delfino Floating-Point (283xx), and C2000 Fixed-Point (2823x/280x/281x) Microcontroller devices.

Code Composer Studio (...)
  • Available in release 21.6.0.LTS:

    • Live Firmware Update feature for C28/CLA firmware update support.
    • Generate CRCs over memory ranges.
    • Performance improvements:
      • C28 has more efficient data accesses for lower 16-bits of memory when using location attribute or literal addresses.
      • Improved performance for (...)
Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C2000 Microcontrollers

Code Composer Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports TI's Microcontroller and Embedded Processors portfolio. Code Composer Studio comprises a suite of tools used to develop and debug embedded applications. It includes an optimizing C/C++ compiler, source code editor (...)

UniFlash stand-alone flash tool for microcontrollers, Sitara™; processors and SimpleLink™
UNIFLASH Supported devices: CC13xx, CC25xx, CC26xx, CC3x20, CC3x30, CC3x35, Tiva, C2000, MSP43x, Hercules, PGA9xx, IWR12xx, IWR14xx, IWR16xx, IWR18xx , IWR68xx, AWR12xx, AWR14xx, AWR16xx, AWR18xx.  Command line only: AM335x, AM437x, AM571x, AM572x, AM574x, AM65XX, K2G

CCS Uniflash is a standalone tool used to (...)

MathWorks MATLAB, Simulink and Embedded Coder
Provided by MathWorks, Inc. Embedded Coder Hardware Support Package for TI C2000™: Save design time and get into production faster with C2000 MCU’s using MathWorks software tools.

MATLAB Coder™, Simulink Coder™, and Embedded Coder® generate ANSI/ISO C/C++ code that can be compiled and executed on Texas (...)

Design tools & simulation

SPRM756A.ZIP (2 KB) - BSDL Model
SPRM757A.ZIP (2 KB) - BSDL Model
SPRM758A.ZIP (2 KB) - BSDL Model
SPRM759A.ZIP (257 KB) - IBIS Model
SPRM760A.ZIP (257 KB) - IBIS Model
SPRM761A.ZIP (256 KB) - IBIS Model
C2000 Third-party search tool
C2000-3P-SEARCH TI has partnered with multiple companies to offer a wide range of solutions and services for TI C2000 devices. These companies can accelerate your path to production using C2000 devices. Download this search tool to quickly browse third-party details and find the right third-party to meet your (...)

Reference designs

Two Phase Interleaved LLC Resonant Converter Reference Design Using C2000™ MCUs
TIDM-1001 — Resonant converters are popular DC-DC converters frequently used in server, telecom, automotive, industrial and other power supply applications. Their high performance (efficiency, power density, etc.), improving requirements of the various industry standards, and the ever increasing power density (...)
document-generic Schematic
Dual-axis motor drive using fast current loop (FCL) and SFRA on a single MCU reference design
TIDM-02007 — This reference design presents a dual-axis motor drive using fast current loop (FCL) and software frequency response analyzer (SFRA) technologies on a single C2000 controller. The FCL utilizes dual core (CPU, CLA) parallel processing techniques to achieve a substantial improvement in control (...)
document-generic Schematic

CAD/CAE symbols

Package Pins Download
LQFP (PM) 64 View options
LQFP (PN) 80 View options
LQFP (PT) 48 View options

Ordering & quality

Information included:
  • RoHS
  • Device marking
  • Lead finish/Ball material
  • MSL rating/Peak reflow
  • MTBF/FIT estimates
  • Material content
  • Qualification summary
  • Ongoing reliability monitoring

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