SWRA650B April   2019  – February 2020 CC1352P , CC1352P7 , CC1352R , CC2652P , CC2652R , CC2652R7 , CC2652RB , CC2652RSIP


  1.   Z-Stack Large Mesh Network Performance Using the SimpleLink Wireless MCU Family
    1.     Trademarks
    2. 1 Introduction
    3. 2 Network Topology
    4. 3 Stack Configurations
    5. 4 Test Procedure and Results
    6. 5 Summary
    7. 6 References
  2.   Revision History

Z-Stack Large Mesh Network Performance Using the SimpleLink™ Wireless MCU Family

This application report describes the process employed to perform a Zigbee® 3.0 large mesh network test using SimpleLink CC1352P and CC2652R devices operating from Z-Stack 3.5.0 as included in the SimpleLink CC13X2/CC26X2 v3.30 SDK. Network topology, stack configurations, and the test procedure are supplied to provide guidance on the best practices and design principles involved with reproducing a large Zigbee system. Pertinent results are also provided to demonstrate the performance reliability of a Z-Stack solution and instill confidence in users wishing to deploy such a robust mesh network for their own application.