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Practical embedded intelligence

Enabling optimized edge AI inference performance, system power and cost

Our embedded processors, software and tools for edge AI let you effectively balance deep learning performance with system power and cost. We offer a practical embedded inference solution for next-generation vehicles, smart cameras, edge AI boxes, and autonomous machines and robots. In addition to general compute and deep learning cores, our processors for edge AI integrate imaging, vision, multimedia cores and security enablers and optional microcontrollers for applications that require SIL-3 and ASIL-D functional safety certifications.


Discover processors for edge AI.

  • High-speed, low-latency embedded AI
  • High throughput per TOPS
  • Low-power consumption


Start your free deep learning evaluation.

  • Access to evaluation boards through the cloud
  • Deep learning benchmarks in minutes
  • Pre-trained models and AI tools


Develop software faster than ever.

  • Industry-standard APIs
  • Low-cost starter kits
  • 24/7 online engineering support

Add intelligence to your design with our edge AI technology

From smart cameras and edge AI boxes to autonomous machines and robots, your opportunities to design with embedded intelligence are endless. Be inspired to build something great with our solutions for edge AI by exploring a collection of embedded AI projects from Texas Instruments and developers from our third-party ecosystem.

various end applications for edge AI

Don't sacrifice power or cost for high-speed AI

Our processors for edge AI have a unique heterogeneous architecture that enables high-speed AI and helps you reduce system power and cost. The high-levels of integration, including deep learning and computer vision accelerators, security enablers, and optional microcontrollers for functional safety applications, let you optimize AI performance for every watt and dollar spent.


Deep learning acceleration

The combination of our highly efficient C7x digital signal processor and Matrix Multiplication Accelerator delivers industry-leading embedded deep learning inference.

computer vision

Computer vision acceleration

Computationally-intensive vision and multimedia tasks are offloaded to specialized hardware accelerators, yet remain configurable, through industry-standard application programming interfaces (APIs).


Smart memory & bus architecture

A large internal memory combined with a nonblocking high-bandwidth bus interconnect lets you take full advantage of our AI accelerators and reduce double-data-rate instances in your system.


Functional safety & security

Integrated functional safety features, such as self-test and error correction code, combined with cryptographic acceleration, hardware safety mode-ready hardware and secure boot help you create resilient and secure edge AI systems.

Imagine the possibilities with industry-leading deep learning inference

One of the industry's highest fixed-point embedded deep learning inference opens the door to a world of possibilities.

MLPerf benchmarks

Find out how your AI model will perform

Use TI Edge AI Cloud to get latency, frames-per-second processing, double-data-rate (DDR) bandwidth and accuracy benchmarks for your deep learning model. Log in today with a free myTI account. 

Accelerate your AI tasks with industry-standard APIs

Automatically unlock the full potential of our embedded processors and accelerate your deep learning, imaging, vision, and multimedia tasks with the TI Edge AI software development environment.

edge ai software diagram

Evaluate our software today

You can remotely connect to a TDA4VM processor evaluation board and evaluate our deep learning software development environment with TI Edge AI Cloud. Log in today with a free myTI account. 

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