Scalable & energy-efficient processing for edge AI

Go to market fast with end-to-end software, tools and ecosystem partner support.

Build the next generation of smart products

From smart doorbells to autonomous mobile robots, our scalable processor portfolio for edge artificial intelligence (AI) lets you easily add intelligence and safety features to a wide range of vision-based applications in smart home, city and factory systems. 

Smart homes

From thermostats and door bells to appliances, vacuums and lawn mowers, edge AI makes life at home more convenient, comfortable and secure. 

Smart cities

Video surveillance, traffic monitoring and autonomous mobile machines use advanced computer vision and deep learning to improve safety and increase operational efficiencies.

Smart factories

Autonomous robots and machine vision cameras use multisensory edge AI to unleash high levels of productivity, redefining how humans and machines work together in factories and warehouses.

Why choose TI for your Edge AI system?


Broad performance scalability

Build and deploy affordable edge AI applications at scale with a portfolio of devices built for low, mid and high performance.


Industry-leading energy efficiency

Reduce system power, latency and cost with deep learning and vision accelerators that enable industry-leading energy efficiency.


Fast time to market

Reduce development time with end-to-end software and tools, including a unified software development kit, which can lead to lower research and development costs.

Explore our edge AI ecosystem

Our scalable portfolio is enabled by industry-standard application programming interfaces (APIs), frameworks and free tools to help you design and develop quickly. Our extensive partner network can fill in the gaps if you need help.

Scalable performance

Industry-standard software

Create, deploy and accelerate your edge AI applications with hardware-agnostic programming, using industry-standard frameworks and APIs such as TensorFlow Lite, ONNX Runtime, Tensor Virtual Machine (TVM), GStreamer and Robot Operating System (ROS).

Hardware & tools

Software programming tool
Evaluate deep learning inference performance on TDA4x processors

TI Edge AI Cloud is a free online service that lets you evaluate accelerated deep learning inference on TDA4x processors. You do not need to purchase an evaluation board. The service is Python-based; and it only takes a few minutes to login, deploy a model, and get a variety of performance (...)

Evaluation board

TDA4VM processor starter kit for edge AI vision systems

Bring smart cameras, robots and intelligent machines to life with the TDA4VM processor starter kit. With a fast setup process and an assortment of foundational demos and tutorials, you can start prototyping a vision-based application in less than an hour. The kit enables 8 trillion operations per (...)

Evaluation board
AM62x starter kit for Sitara™ processors

The AM62x starter kit (SK) evaluation module (EVM) is a stand-alone test and development platform built around the AM62x system-on-a-chip (SoC). AM62x processors are comprised of a quad-core 64-bit Arm®-Cortex®-A53 microprocessor, single-core Arm Cortex-R5F microcontroller (MCU) and an (...)

Evaluation board

SCUTTLE open-source, payload-ready mobile robot platform

The SCUTTLE robot is a fully open-source mobile platform backed by free educational content, a library of designs and an engineering community spanning mechatronics areas.

SCUTTLE with the newly-integrated Texas Instruments TDA4VM starter kit board supports mobile robot research tasks such as (...)

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Training & resources

Explore a selection of self-paced lessons for edge AI and robotics development. Follow along with free cloud tools. No evaluation module purchase required.

Edge AI Academy

Edge AI Academy is a great way to learn how to develop a smart application. Follow along using free cloud tools and progress at your pace.

The fundamentals of edge AI development:

  • Hands-on coding projects
  • Special topics for advanced users

Learn more

Robotics Academy

Using open-source community platforms and free cloud tools, Robotics Academy will teach you how to build a robot that is smart, safe and energy-efficient.

The fundamentals of robotics development:

  • Object tracking
  • Collision avoidance
  • Autonomous navigation

Learn more

Edge AI demos

Browse our demos and those created by ecosystem partners to see a sample of things you can build with our edge AI technology.

  • Smart cameras
  • Video analytics
  • Autonomous machines
  • Autonomous mobile robots

Learn more

Join a webinar or training on edge AI development

Stay up to date on our latest products and services to learn how to build efficient edge AI applications.

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