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Canadian taxes

Canadian taxes

What is included in the estimated tax amount when I place an order shipping to Canada?

In accordance with local regulation, your purchases will be taxed using the applicable tax rate(s) for your shipping address. Depending on selections made during checkout such as ship to province, a provincial tax exemption or Incoterm (DDP, CIP, DAP) offered based on your selections will determine tax amount.

What type of taxes are applied to my order?

Depending on the province, Provincial Sales Tax (PST), Quebec Sales Tax (QST), Goods and Services Tax (GST), Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or a combination, such as GST + PST, could apply.

Can I get a tax exemption?

If the ship to destination is British Columbia, Manitoba or Saskatchewan you will be given the option to elect for a Provincial Sales Tax (PST) or Retail Sales Tax (RST) exemption if you provide a valid PST or RST number as applicable for the province. No other type of tax exemptions is supported. If you mistakenly apply an incorrect PST or RST number, you will not be able to correct this after the order is placed.

Why is there a warning that my PST tax exemption will not get applied to my order during checkout?

Based on your checkout selections, the Incoterm for the order may be DAP or CIP, which means you as the Buyer will be the importer of the goods and therefore will be responsible for paying tax.

How do I review tax charges on my order?

Prior to making your payment selection, you will see tax charges on your order summary.  After the order is placed, you can review the financial invoice located on the Track/Invoice page in your order history.