China VAT invoices

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What is the VAT normal invoice?

The VAT normal invoice is a valid receipt and payment voucher recognized by the China Tax Bureau. It can be used for company reimbursement. Both the VAT normal e-invoice and VAT normal paper invoice share the same legal effect, basic usage, and terms of use. However, the VAT normal invoice cannot be used for VAT credit. 

What is the VAT special invoice?

Only VAT taxpayers can issue VAT special invoices. While the VAT special invoice is not a valid receipt and payment voucher recognized by the China Tax Bureau, it is a valid document that can be used by buyers (customers) for tax credit.

What type of VAT invoice will TI issue to customers?

TI provides VAT normal e-invoice and VAT special paper invoice options to customers on

When does TI issue a VAT invoice?

When applicable, TI issues a VAT invoice within seven (7) working days after the delivery has been signed by the customer as goods received. You can view the e-invoice in Order History on If an e-invoice is issued, TI will notify the customer by e-mail. If a paper invoice is issued, TI will deliver through SF Express. 

Can a customer request a VAT invoice for a discounted order?

TI will issue a VAT invoice for partial, discounted orders based on the actual payment. TI will not issue a VAT invoice for an order placed at no charge. 

Can a single order have multiple VAT invoices or can multiple orders be combined in one VAT invoice?

No, After the VAT invoice type on an e-invoice or VAT paper invoice is selected, it cannot be changed after the order is confirmed.