Taiwan eGui invoices (台灣電子發票)

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What is an eGUI tax invoice?

The eGUI tax invoice is a legal certificate issued when a business sells goods or services to a buyer.  The eGUI is one type of tax invoice issued, transmitted or received through Internet or other electronic methods. 



What is the difference between a “Business” eGUI tax invoice and an “Individual” eGUI tax invoice?

The “Business” eGUI is issued with the buyers’ business registration number, and can be used for accounting purposes as a tax certificate.

The “Individual” eGUI will not be issued with the buyers’ business registration number, but it does qualify for lottery.

Business example

Taiwan eGUI business transaction receipt

Individual example

Taiwan eGUI individual transaction




Taiwan eGUI business transaction receipt


Taiwan eGUI individual transaction

When and how will I receive the eGUI tax invoice issuance?

The eGUI tax invoice is issued after payment is completed or goods are delivered.  

The “Business” eGUI will be sent by email from Gateweb, TI's 3rd party vendor supporting local invoicing in Taiwan (@service.gwis.com.tw) with a PDF attachment of the tax invoice.  You should receive the email within 7 days of placing your order.

Taiwan eGUI business receipt
Taiwan eGUI footnotes

Alternatively, you can look up the invoice on the Ministry of Finance E-Invoice Platform.

If you checked out and requested an “Individual” eGUI tax invoice you should receive an email with the information about your order within 48 hours after placing your order.  You may choose to store your “Individual” eGUI tax invoice in the Gateweb member carrier from the "eGUI inquiry" link in the notification email.


您的訂單於付款完成或商品出貨後開具發票,並由本公司配合之第三方加值服務中心「關網資訊 雲端電子發票系統」以電子郵件(@service.gwis.com.tw)寄送通知。若您選擇開具「營業人電子發票」,通知信會附加電子發票會計憑證圖檔。


Taiwan eGUI business receipt
Taiwan eGUI footnotes

若您為一般消費者,營業人開立電子發票的48小時後,您可於「財政部電子發票平台 電子發票全民稽核」頁面查詢。


若您為營業人,可參閱電子郵件通知信中夾帶之發票圖檔,或自行登入「財政部電子發票平台」"營業人功能選單 \ 查詢與下載 \ 發票查詢下載列印 \ 線上查詢 \ 選填相關資料及B2C(資料上傳類型) " 查詢後,即可下載電子發票會計憑證。

What information is listed in eGUI tax invoice?

Product description unit price, quantity, subtotal, total sales amounts, tax amounts, total amounts after tax and any additional charges such as shipping costs, Custom reel or Date code selection during checkout.


購買商品之敘述 (分別記載FREIGHT運費以及Additional Charges其他收費如客製捲盤、製造日期指定等)、單價、數量、小計、銷售額、稅額、總計。

How do I obtain an updated eGUI tax invoice if a refund is issued?

If a return or refund has been granted, the “Business” eGUI refund allowance certificate will be issued and uploaded to Ministry of Finance E-invoice Platform for inquiry. 

The "Individual" eGUI tax invoice will not be automatically sent to you via email or available in Gateweb member carrier website. Please contact TI customer service center to obtain a copy if needed. 

Our refund policy is located in this FAQ.

若進行退貨,我如何取得折讓證明 ?

當您的訂單商品申請退貨時,即已同意由TI代為處理銷貨退回證明單,TI將直接開立折讓單上傳至財政部電子發票整合服務平台存證。 若您該筆訂單選擇開具「營業人電子發票」,可於財政部電子發票整合服務平台直接查詢下載。 若您為一般消費者但仍需要索取折讓證明,請與我們的客服中心聯繫。


How do I claim the prize for "Individual" eGUI tax invoice lottery?

You will be notified via email.  If the eGUI tax invoice is stored in Gateweb member carrier, you can print out the certified copy of invoice from ibon kiosk in 7-ELEVEN convenience store.  Please refer to "ibon eGUI tax invoice printing procedure"


依統一發票使用辦法規定,發票兌獎必須使用電子發票證明聯正本。會員選擇之載具 (共通性載具/會員載具) 會自動對獎,並e-mail通知中獎人,若中獎人選擇共通性載具 (手機載具/自然人憑證),可至電子發票平台或多媒體服務機 (如ibon) 列印紙本發票兌獎。若中獎人選擇會員載具,請至7-ELEVEN門市ibon機台列印電子發票證明聯,請參閱《ibon中獎發票列印步驟》

What I could do if I do not receive the “Business” or “Individual” eGUI tax invoice email?

Please avoid using free email domain (@yahoo, @gmail) to prevent email delivery issues. If you are using qualified email domain, please check the junk email box in case it is wrongly blocked.

The email sender is noreply@service.gwis.com.tw. To ensure the delivery success, you could add it to the email whitelist in advance.

If you still need help, please contact TI customer service center.


請避免使用免費信箱如Yahoo, Gmail, 或可查看您的垃圾郵件匣。另建議您將noreply@service.gwis.com.tw加入聯絡人清單,以避免被擋信。若您需要協助,請與我們的客服中心聯繫。

What can I do if the Gateweb member carrier site is not opening when I chose to store my tax invoice as an “individual”?

If you have issue opening the Gateweb link in the mail, please try again using a browser other than IE.


若您點擊發票開立通知信中的關網資訊會員網站連結卻無法進入,可嘗試關閉網頁,再使用Internet Explorer 以外的瀏覽器登入。