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UnionPay banking

UnionPay banking

To get started using UnionPay corporate online banking for your online purchases, please review these steps.

1.  Confirm that you have enabled your corporate online banking account for online payments with one of the TI-supported UnionPay corporate online banks listed in the table below: ICBC, CCB, ABC, BOC – Bank of China, PSBC, CMB, *BOC – Bank of Communications, SPD Bank, CEB, CMBC or *CCB.


*CITIC Bank and Bank of Communications UnionPay corporate online banking options are temporarily offline beginning June 30th, 2020.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  

Bank name
Chinese bank name
Bank Requirements
ICBC Industrial and Commercial Bank of China  工商银行
CCB China Construction Bank 建设银行
ABC Agricultural Bank of China 农业银行
BOC - Bank of China Bank of China 中国银行
PSBC Postal Savings Bank of China 邮政银行 Postal Savings Bank of China_邮政储蓄银行_B2B.pdf
CMB China Merchants Bank  招商银行 China Merchants Bank _招商银行_B2B.pdf
*BOC *Bank of Communications * 交通银行 Bank of Comm_交通银行_B2B.pdf
SPD Bank Shanghai Pudong Development Bank  浦发银行 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank _浦发银行_B2B.pdf
CEB Bank China Everbright Bank  光大银行
China Everbright Bank_光大银行_B2B.pdf
CMBC China Minsheng Banking Corp. 民生银行 China Minsheng Bank_民生银行_B2B.pdf
*CCB - China Citic Bank *China Citic Bank *中信银行 China CITIC Bank_中信银行_B2B.pdf

2.  If you need go back to select a bank and continue payment for a particular order, please go to your TI.com order history and resume the checkout process within 12 hours of placing your order.

3. If you have submitted your payment request successfully, please contact your company’s approver to authorize the payment request. TI will send you an order confirmation email when your payment has been authorized.

Why is UMF shown as the merchant name for my order and not Texas Instruments?

The CNY payment with TI online through personal e-bank and business e-bank are provided by Union Mobile Pay E-Commerce Co., Ltd., which holds a payment service license issued by PBOC. Above payment service cooperation is officially authorized by TI. 

How do TI’s UnionPay corporate online bank payments differ from corporate online wire transfers?

A corporate wire transfer is an online transfer initiated by the payer company, with the payee account information and remittance amounts filled in manually. The payer initiates the transfer online or offline (in-person at the bank counter) when the payee bank receives the account information. When using TI’s UnionPay corporate online banking process, you do not need to manually initiate payments for your order. Please see this comparison table:

Comparison Table
Corporate online banking payments
(TI UnionPay corporate)
Corporate online banking
wire transfer function (not offered by TI)
Matches an online order
placed to TI
Yes No
Required to enter payment
amount manually
No Yes
Required to enter company
name for payment
No Yes
Required to apply and
activate online payments from your bank
Yes No

How do I enable UnionPay corporate online banking payments?

Each bank has descriptions for its online payment function and requirements that you must enable. Please call the bank’s service line for more details, or view the documents in the Bank Requirements column listed in the first table on this page.

As an example of how to enable the online payment function, BOC – Bank of China requires you that you enable the “e-commerce” online payment function; install the security key for the owner of the account, and list of payment approvers before using corporate online banking to complete your order.

What does a “payment pending” order status mean on my order history?

Your order status will show payment pending in three situations:

·       During the checkout process, you did not select a bank for payment within 5 minutes on the bank selection page, resulting in a page timeout.

·       You successfully submitted the order for payment, but your company’s approver has not yet approved the payment.

·       If the payment was not approved within the required 12 hours, you will now see canceled as your order stats and you will need to reorder from your order details page by click on View order and selecting the red button to reorder. 

If I did not select a bank or submit the order for payment authorization within 12 hours, what are my next steps?

You will receive an email if your order status remains in payment pending. Follow the instructions to navigate to your order history. Select Continue Payment to complete your bank selection and submit your order for payment. You can also navigate to your order history by clicking Ordering Resources in the red bar on the upper-right side of your screen. Select Order History from among the choices.

What do I do if the payment is not approved within 12 hours (calendar hours including weekends and holidays)?

Before your order expires and your order status changes to canceled, you will you will receive an email clarifying the payment process. You can select Continue Payment in your order history within 12 hours; after 12 hours your order will be canceled automatically, and you will need to reorder the products. If you would like to reorder, click View Order from your order history list. Click the red Reorder button to re-add items to your cart.

What should I do when the bank I selected requires the installation of security controls (xActive tools) during the payment process?

TI recommends that you enable the bank security key associated with the device you are using to process payments before submitting your order for payment. You can review your bank’s security requirements in the Bank Requirements column listed in the first table on this page or contact your bank. If you have already selected your bank and submitted your order for payment before seeing the security control alert, you will be able to continue your payment within 12 hours by following the instructions you receive via email and navigating to your order history.