Ittiam Systems

Video technology and solution provider

Ittiam Systems Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Bangalore, India is a trusted solutions provider to world leaders in multimedia, enabling next generation video experiences through its complete suite of intelligent video technologies, systems and solutions. Backed by its proven video expertise and insights, Ittiam’s products deliver real intelligence to solve its customers’ most complex technology challenges, empowering them to deliver high performance, efficient and reliable video products in rapid time. Ittiam’s solutions are at the heart of millions of lifestyle products that drive mobility, content access, networking and sharing.

Arm 式處理器
AM5706 Sitara 處理器:成本最佳化的 ARM Cortex-A15 和 DSP 以及安全啟動 AM5708 Sitara 處理器:成本最佳化的 ARM Cortex-A15 和 DSP、多媒體和安全啟動 AM5716 Sitara 處理器:Arm Cortex-A15 & DSP AM5718 Sitara 處理器:Arm Cortex-A15 與 DSP、多媒體 AM5726 Sitara 處理器:雙 Arm Cortex-A15 和雙 DSP AM5728 Sitara 處理器:雙 Arm Cortex-A15 和雙 DSP、多媒體 AM5746 Sitara 處理器:雙核心 ARM Cortex-A15 和雙核心 DSP、支援 ECC 的 DDR 和安全啟動 AM5748 Sitara 處理器:雙核心 ARM Cortex-A15 和雙核心 DSP、多媒體、支援 ECC 的 DDR 和安全啟動 AM5749 Sitara 處理器:雙核心 ARM Cortex-A15 和雙核心 DSP、多媒體、支援 ECC 的 DDR、安全啟動、深度學習
  • 軟體轉碼器
  • 北美
  • Consulate 1
  • 1 Richmond Road
  • Bangalore, 560025
  • India



ITTIAM-3P-CODECS — Ittiam 轉碼器

Ittiam provides high quality, high performance multimedia centric products and solutions. Ittiam brings extensive media expertise and more than a decade's experience on Texas Instruments processors. Leverage Ittiam’s rich portfolio of proven, high-performance audio codecs to build an array of (...)


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