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Reliable battery protection with advanced precision and integration

We understand that performance and safety are major care-abouts for battery packs with lithium-based (Li-ion & Li-polymer) chemistries. That’s why we design our battery protection ICs to detect a variety of fault conditions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, discharge overcurrent and short circuit in single-cell and multi-cell batteries. So you can enhance the safety of your battery pack. 


Select the battery protection IC by the number of series cells in your battery pack.

Output control

Select the battery protection IC by output control

Featured battery protection products


Voltage and temperature protection for 3-s to 16-s cell Li-ion batteries with internal delay timer


High side protector for single-cell Li-Ion and Li-polymer batteries


3-series to 5-series stackable ultra-low-power primary protector with autonomous cell balancing


Family 2-5S overvoltage protector with Internal delay timer

Battery protection resources

Learn about the basics of battery protection and how important they are for any li-ion battery pack.

Fully-tested reference designs and test reports to help kick-start your design process.

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