BOOSTXL-PGA460 <p>PGA460-Q1 ultrasonic sensor signal conditioning evaluation module with transducers</p> angled board image


PGA460-Q1 ultrasonic sensor signal conditioning evaluation module with transducers


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Features for the BOOSTXL-PGA460

  • Compatible with open- or closed-top ultrasonic transducers operating at a center frequency between 30-80kHz and 180-480kHz.
  • Access to all communication interfaces offered by the PGA460-Q1, including: USART, TCI, and One-Wire UART.
  • Swappable daughtercard allows custom driver-type and transducer combination pair to be evaulated.
  • The included GUI is used to configure device functionality, register, time-varying gain and diagnostics.

Description for the BOOSTXL-PGA460

Fully evaluate the PGA460 ultrasonic sensor signal conditioner with the BOOSTXL-PGA460 (+ MSP430F5529LP). The PGA460 is an integrated ultrasonic front-end with a digital signal processor that outputs time-of-flight data, echo width and amplitude information. The driver strength is configurable by a current limiting the transformer, and the receiver can be tuned to filter and process returned echo data for post-measurement analysis. The associated PGA460 EVM GUI can be used to customize, configure and control the ultrasonic setup, and monitor the performance of the resulting ultrasonic activity.

Evaluation steps

Step 1: Purchase the PGA460-F5529-BNDL (or the BOOSTXL-PGA460 + MSP-EXP430F5529LP)

Step 2: Download the GUI

Step 3: Download the quick start guide and the user's guide

Step 4: Download and view the recommended additional content:

Step 5: Build your custom hardware solution and visit our E2E ultrasonic support forum for air-coupled applications for additional details.

Step 6: (Optional) To evaluate a smaller form-factor ultrasonic module, purchase the PGA460PSM-EVM after inital evaluation with the BOOSTXL-PGA460.


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