PGA460-Q1 ultrasonic sensor signal conditioning evaluation module with transducers


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Fully evaluate the PGA460 ultrasonic sensor signal conditioner with the BOOSTXL-PGA460 (+ MSP430F5529LP). The PGA460 is an integrated ultrasonic front-end with a digital signal processor that outputs time-of-flight data, echo width and amplitude information. The driver strength is configurable by a current limiting the transformer, and the receiver can be tuned to filter and process returned echo data for post-measurement analysis. The associated PGA460 EVM GUI can be used to customize, configure and control the ultrasonic setup, and monitor the performance of the resulting ultrasonic activity.

Evaluation steps

Step 1: Purchase the PGA460-F5529-BNDL (or the BOOSTXL-PGA460 + MSP-EXP430F5529LP)

Step 2: Download the GUI

Step 3: Download the quick start guide and the user's guide

Step 4: Download and view the recommended additional content:

Step 5: Build your custom hardware solution and visit our E2E ultrasonic support forum for air-coupled applications for additional details.

Step 6: (Optional) To evaluate a smaller form-factor ultrasonic module, purchase the PGA460PSM-EVM after inital evaluation with the BOOSTXL-PGA460.

  • Compatible with open- or closed-top ultrasonic transducers operating at a center frequency between 30-80kHz and 180-480kHz.
  • Access to all communication interfaces offered by the PGA460-Q1, including: USART, TCI, and One-Wire UART.
  • Swappable daughtercard allows custom driver-type and transducer combination pair to be evaulated.
  • The included GUI is used to configure device functionality, register, time-varying gain and diagnostics.

  • PGA460-Q1 EVM Quick Start Guide

Ultrasonic sensor AFEs
PGA460 Ultrasonic signal processor and transducer driver PGA460-Q1 Automotive ultrasonic signal processor and transducer driver
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PGA460-Q1 ultrasonic sensor signal conditioning evaluation module with transducers

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Technical documentation

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* User guide PGA460-Q1 Ultrasonic Signal Conditioner EVM With Transducer User's Guide (Rev. B) 19 Mar 2018
Application note Ultrasonic Sensing Basics (Rev. D) PDF | HTML 02 Dec 2021
Application note PGA460 Ultrasonic Module Hardware and Software Optimization (Rev. A) PDF | HTML 07 Apr 2021
Application note PGA460 Array of Ultrasonic Transducers for Triangulation and Tracking 12 Jul 2019
Application note PGA460 Full-Bridge Driver Solutions for Ultrasonic Transducers (Rev. A) 28 Feb 2019
Certificate BOOSTXL-PGA460 EC Declaration of Conformity (DoC) (Rev. A) 02 Jan 2019
Application note PGA460 Software Development Guide (Rev. A) 22 Aug 2017
Application note PGA460 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and EVM Troubleshooting Guide 01 May 2017
User guide PGA460-Q1 EVM Quick Start Guide 17 Feb 2017

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